afraid of HSG
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sofie - December 21

i had appt with RE other day she asked how long is that you are trying i knew if i would say 7 months she would tell me go and come back after 2 years ! so i had to lie , i said almost 2 years , she said we start with HSG . i have heard so many stories and im really really afraid , afraid of pain and effect of HSG on my body ! i cant make my mind if somebody is healty and ovulate on her own why needs HSG !


tanner789 - December 21

girl, i remember feeling like you afraid of the hsg, but it was a piece of cake i took my motrin at night beofre test and and 1 before test and i was golden, the worst part was the radiologist putting the xray machien on my knees not knowing it of course i felt a quick cramp but nothing even close to pms cramps. try not to stress it will be okay. as of you only ttc for 7 monthes if your ovulating girl and having regular periods it may just take time, i'm not gonna say what you did was wrong but you shouldnt have exaggerated from 7 monthes to two years, b/c that can make her think you have a big problem and mislead her diagnosing you properly. at least you could have said one year, when you see an fertility specialist they usually say 1 yr infertility. an hsg will check for blocked tubes, which even though your ovulating doesnt mean you wont have that. but in the future be as honest as possible b/c it may end up hurting you in the end good luck


slowpoke01 - December 22

you will need the hsg dye test to make sure that your tubes arent blocked. also they can see if you have polyps or anything in the uterus that is preventing pregnancy. the test was a little painfull to me but i would do it again if need be to make sure that everything is women get pregnant within 3 months after they get the hsg because it cleans everything out.that is the first test that i had to take. they will also want to do a progesterone test to make sure that you really do ovulate this is just a blood test. they may want to check fsh and estradol levels too. also your husband will need to have a sperm analysis they will want to make sure that the problem isnt him too. anyway just take a couple of motrins before the test and after the test and it should be fine, unless you have a blockage then i have heard it can be painfull. good luck i am sure that everything will be fine. before an re will do anything most will want you to do the hsg because if your tubes are blocked then you will not be able to get pregnant without a laporoscopy or something like that. they will tell you that there is no reason to take any meds or anything without taking the test first because you will waste time on meds and stuff if your tubes are blocked. there are worse tests than this one and although it was uncomfortable for me it wasnt unbearable. good luck


sofie - December 22

hi ladies tank you so much for your answer . i even didnt know i could have problem and ovulate ! i feel sory that i lied but after 8 years dreaming and waitting we finally start to try and 7 monts and nothing, i live in holland and here we have long waitting list so if you are not trying for long you can wait ! but you are right honestly is a best thing. good luck to both of you and thanks again.



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