AF with no O
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Michelle - September 19

My RE said I won't O this month as my follicles are too small. Does anyone know when/if AF will arrive? Will it be late or not at all? Has this happened to anyone? I can't help but hold out hope that I will O late but he's certain. I'd hate for this cycle to run too long as I'm anxious to start again next cycle.


Kerri - September 19

Can only share my story--took Clomid this cycle--Ob/gyn said I wouldn't O, so we canceled IUI---I believe I DID O on cd31--I'm 8dpo and just had progesterone levels drawn to confirm O. So it CAN happen later.


TC - September 20

If you don't o, I think your af will be later than it would if you did. It's called annovulation. What about getting a ovidrel shot to help mature the follicles? Did the dr mention anything like that?


jodi - September 20

I had the same problem only I was on 100mg of clomid and 1500mg of metormin. Dr. said no O because follicles too small and estrogen level too low. What day would you recieve and ovidrel shot??


Michelle - September 20

My dr never mentioned anything about ovidrel. I was also on 100 mg clomid. I was supposed to follow up with hcG and progesterone injections but he said no-go due to my follicle size. I had felt really in tune with my RE and his staff until this u/s. Suddenly, I feel written off. After the u/s, they seemed uncaring, but maybe this is just perception. I am so worried that my cycle will run long and I will get my hopes up. I was shocked that this happened as we all thought that I ovulated normally. Could clomid screw up ovulation if I ovulate normally? My problem is miscarriage, not inability to conceive. He also never looked into my estrogen level. He just said that they were too small and that it wasn't even worth repeating the u/s in 2 days.


jodi - September 20

Michelle I felt the same way about my RE! They just left me hanging. It seems like they are fine until you ask too many questions, then it seems like they don't want to bother with you. It's the pits.


dee - September 20

Hi girls. I have been on clomid for 3 cycles. I was told my p4 levels were at 7.9 and didnt ovulate. I am on cd 36 today. Signs af is coming. Would I still get af when I supposedly didnt ovulate?


To dee - September 20 will still come even without O


dee - September 21

thanks. it just did. wow it hurts....maybe next month



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