AF TODAY ON CD29... feel down in the dumps..cant sleep.
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KY - November 7

I got my af today after a very hard month of TTC. WE have been trying for 6 months and i have had regular periods since coming of the birth control pill in may. I just cant help btu feel so angry and useless. I really thought it wouldnt take this long and its really bringing me down. We try everything, really really try so hard!!!! I dont knwo if im ovulating after the bcp. The doctor won't do anything until april because that will be when we have been trying for a year. We're going back after xmas to ask them to perform tests 4 months early!! after all it would be 8 months TTC by then! We have bought a "babystart" kit to test DP's sperm ourselves!! I have also just bought ovulex, maybe that will help us. Hopefully our prayers will be answered soon I just need someone's shoulder to lean on... I need a hug :(


isa - November 7

Sorry KY you are having such a difficult month. Perhaps get a head start on checking things yourself such as watching your temps -just google basal body temperatures and you will get alot of hits and start seeing if there is a problem with your temps. It will be able to help you see if you are ovulating and if you are not then it is reason enough for your doc to start running tests. If you are then great you will learn when you are fertile. Also check cervix height and if open or closed, check mucous and the combination of all that will opks and you should learn alot in the next couple of months about your body. Temps can also tell you if you have a luteal phase defect, whether or not you may have progesterone or estrogen deficiencies etc. There is a lot you can learn from the net and from doing very inexpensive things at home like the temping that can get you started in the right directions. Good luck and I hope your next month is your month.


KY - November 7

Thanks Isa but i did temp and use OPK's for 4 months, My temps did go down at the right point but OPK's were always negative, when i told the doctor this she sadi not to be silly by using OPK's and BBT charts, she said they only stress you out more and that i shouldnt worry about anyhting like that until we have been TTC for a yr! I just dont know what to do next?


xx - November 7



.. - November 7




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