AF question/concern
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EH83 - November 9

what can cause a large amount of clots and heavy bleeding? dont worry i have a OB appt on nov 18th. im just scared to find anything out. me and dh really want children. but i think i might not beable to have any due to my af problems. af started on monday was light then started to get heavy today ive had tons of clots and heavy bleeding. IM SCARED. my last af was almost the same with a lil less bleeding. anyone else experiance anything like this and was able to have kids? forgot to add that everytime my af was like this it was late and i thought i was preg. dh thinks they were m/c, i dont think so


exp with pcos - November 9

ive got PCOS. what u wrote sounds like some of the symptoms of PCOS. dont panic you may not have it. only your dr can tell you if u have it. try goggling it. gl and god bless


EH83 - November 9

bumping it up



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