Af or implantation???
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CJ - May 22

HI All, out of no where started bleeding on day 19 of my usual 28 day cycle, (Af bright red but light) no symptoms of usual pms...could this be implantation bleeding, or is it too early? most times i hear it is more brown or darker in color this bleeding is bright red like normal light other symptoms just mood swings and tired???Help!!


Milissa - May 23

It is anybodys guess?? I hate to say that....everyone is different" I say wait a week if you start to have breast tenderness and start to get very tired..very tired! Then take a test..Implantation usually happens around 4 anywhere between 4 to 12 days dpo (12 days is pushing it)..good luck..


CJ - May 23

Thanks Milisa I appreciate your good wishes, my bleeding has gotten heavier and I am starting to think it is just early af, but I am not giving up yet!!!! I am still nauseous, and I have no cramping or other pms signs just nauseous and bad headaches, and tired.....


Milissa - May 23

I hate to break it to you but Implantation is not heavy just usually light to spotting or nothing...And different in color...sounds like AF hun"...Don't give up!! :)


CJ - May 23

Yeah I think it is just early AF, I have never ever had an early af before but I feel awful...nauseous, headaches, dizziness...I know it is probably my bodies way of dealing with 2 af's in 3 weeks...thanks for your support...I REALLY appreciate it!!


milissa - May 24

You could be having a hormonal inbalance??? Does not sound right to be having all of that...unless you always get like that?? They all sound like pregnancy but THAT early"...take care of yourself and pay attention to how you feel in the next week..


Cj - May 25

Well now I am pretty convinced of early af it has been too long with not enough symptoms of pg. Anyway Just curious if I use my old 28 day cycle to predict O or if I should use new 20 day cycle instead....Help what do you think?



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