AF (not) expected between 10/18 and 10/20-company anyone?
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Crazy? - October 5

Last month I had af around expected time 09/22, but instead of it's usual five days it was only three. I usually pms really bad about a week before af then cramp like hell the first two days, but for Sept. I didn't pms and had very little cramping on top of having a shorter period. I haven't tested for preg because I don't want to be disappointed and get yet another bfn. Anyone out there have any suggestions on why the shorter af and almost absence of pms? Could it be all in my head? FYI, I've been off the pill since March and have had a pretty consistent and regular af. I am also mother of 3 (12 yrs, 10 yrs and almost 3 yrs.) I'm looking for someone to wait and chat with. I've always wanted four or five children but want them before I turn 30 and I'm almost 29.


Hey Crazy? - October 5

I'll chat with you. Maybe you didn't ovulate last month, often a sign of no cramps, change in dates and lighter bleeding. That would be weird at your age, but it could be.


D - October 5

i will wait with you. I am hoping not to get af once again this month.


Rachel - October 5

I'll hang out too. Not due to a/f on the 19th.
Really? Cramping is a sign of ovulation? I had such bad cramps on first day of a/f these past 2 months, like wake you out of your sleep and really heavy a/f plus loads of PMS symptoms that I almost thought I was pg.
The other issue I have is spotting, I spot one day only and then nothing for 3 days and then I get my first day of a/f. what is with that abnormal spotting? doc thought maybe low progesterone....


d - October 5

I get em all the time. for the past 18 years. it is horrible anymore. and i keep hearing it gets better once you have kids.. yeah i have to get pg first. every month the waiting is getting harder and harder.


Indie - October 5

AF is due to NOT visit for me on the 19th. hehe. Liked the title on this thread. Fingers crossed for us all!


from d: to all. - October 5

so ladies. i checked out this other site with a ovual cal.. One of the ladies i know that just found out she is preggo. used it and appart it was accurate for her. she conceived right on the money. just thought i would try another calendar program. I put in my info. and sure enough it shows i should have ovulated over this past weekend. and hubby and I were at our getaway home doing the bd any chance we could... LOL.. so let me keep my fingers crossed.



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