af inducer?
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LN030905 - February 19

Hi..Im 22. Dh and I have been married for almost two yrs and we have been ttc for just over a year (when I went off bc-which I was on for 2.5 yrs). Well, needless to say, no periods have been few and far in between since stopping the bc. I now have not had a period since Dec 10th. Its so frustrating. Im looking natural ways to bring af on..until I can get to the Dr (we are inbetween insurance companies right now). I always feel like af is on her way, but she of course, isnt. Been to the Dr one before..and Dr said everything was fine, just needed a jumpstart for it. I have heard of herbs and such that can help induce af ..and was owondering if any of you knew of any.
Thanks so much.


patrizia - February 19

i am not sure if it works but i heard boiling alot of parsley, then drinking the water it was boiled in helps to bring on AF. i never tried it, but i heard it works.


Daniela - February 19

Good Morning....
I'm in the same boat.... waiting for AF to start first round of clomid..... I'll try anything... been waiting since Dec (last AF)
Dr... won't induce.. not sure why.... sound like a harmless thing to try.



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