AF finally after D&C can I TTC - help
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SoSad - April 8

Hi - I had a M/C early March and D&E to follow up 4w 2 days ago ---- I got AF yesterday and want to TTC again this month ****BUT **** my OB said when I had my post op visit for the D&E she wanted me to wait 2 cycles. I don't want to wait! Has anyone had a similar experience? Has anyone here conceived after 1 cycle post D&E? With success or another M/c - please let me know your thoughts. I was 9w pg and I am going to be 39 soon. . . and we did the chromosomal tests and all is said to be well with me and the fetus - doc called it a "fluke". So that said - if it is a fluke and I have my AF now - would trying again this month instead of next be bad? Help - Thanks.


Mega - April 9

Hi SoSad. I'm so sorry about your m/c. How devistating. I didn't get a D&C, so maybe that makes things a little different I'm not sure. But back in Dec. '06 I had a natural m/c at 7 weeks after a blighted ovum pregnancy. My dr also wanted me to wait 2 cycles but he said I could take BCPs on my 2nd cycle b/c I was planning on doing another IVF cycle. Well I thought I O'ed about 2 weeks after the bleeding stopped (quite a feat for me b/c of PCOS) but wasn't 100% sure. We did BD a few times though just in case. Since we also have Male Factor though I was sure I wasn't pg so I started taking Prometrium to bring on AF but it never came. Finally on Jan. 19th I took a HPT, just in case but was shocked when I got a fast & dark 2nd line. Currently I'm 16 weeks pg & the baby is doing wonderful. I never did get an AF after my m/c. The only issue I can think of after having a D&C is possibly having your lining thinned out but since you did have at least 1 AF (assuming you get pg this cycle), I'd say that should help a bit with the clearing of the lining. Maybe just don't prevent a pg this cycle, as a compromise? Maybe BD around the mid point of your cycle? Just an idea. Good luck. Again, I'm sorry about the m/c. Hopefully you'll be holding your miracle soon.


SoSad - April 10

thanks mega - and congrats on your pregnancy - i am just gonna go for it unless someone on here has some major medical evidence otherwise . . . .


SoSad - April 25

does anyone think it is too early to try again - or should we try? i got my first +opk and don't want to miss out.


kristie h - April 25

You know i was so impatiant and all that happend was i ended up lossing the next pregnancy. I dont think it is too soon but i think you should take your doctors advise after all they are ment to know best. I had a loss in june 2005 due to a molar pregnancy. I was told to go on the BCP and wait 6 months for ttc due to the procedure for this type of loss. I id wait the 6 months but i did not go on the pill. In feb 2006 i found out i was pregnant but lost that one. Once again i was told to wait 6 months and go on the pill as they thought the loss was another molar pregnancy. Well i didnt wait but after the loss which had to be taken by D&C my periods were all screwed up. SAfter not falling pregnant for 6 months i "knew" somthing was not right as it onlt takes me a max of 3 months to fall pregnant (i have a son already and it took 2 months to conceive him just like my two losses) so i went on the pill for 3 months. I came off the pill in november had a period in decemeber and got my BFP on january the 10th and i am now 19 weeks. The reason i sahe my story to you i because doctors know best. If i went on the pill when i was told to after the loss in 2005 i may not of miscarried in feb 2006 and if i went on the pill when i was told after the loss in feb 2006 i would of not had the trouble i had with af like i did. I would say just be patiant and wait another two months as somthing could happen again then you would of hoped that you listend to your doctors advice. There is nothing worse then finding out the hard way, let your body heal and relax and get to know your body again, the 2 months will just fly by and before you know it you will back in the sack again. best of luck to you.


kristie h - April 25

OMG sorry for the spelling i was typing too fast.



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