af due this week anyone else ?
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tara - November 5

This last week is killing me in my 2ww. Anyone else out there and feeling anything?


littlenenita - November 5

Hi! I am due for AF next Saturday the 12th, the wait is killing me too! I have had some off cramps here and there a few days ago. And I was sick to my stomach yesterday. But it could be anything! I don't have any pg test at my house, so at least it's not killing me to test yet, because I don't have any here!


tara - November 6

Hi littlenenita, i havent felt sick at all but my nipples are sore and I think I am getting extra bumps on my aereolas (but it might be on in my head). I never did pay much attention to my boobs before as they never seem to bother me.


littlenenita - November 6

Hi Tara, my boobs hurt, but they always hurt the week before my period starts. How long have you been TTC? I have been trying for 4 - 5 months now. But the fist couple months i wasn't keeping track of anything, and i didn't know when i was ovulating.


bump - November 6



Allie - November 7

Hey Ladies! I am expecting (no) AF on Saturday the 12th, but I usually get AF two days before my actual day. Anyway, the wait is killing me too! My hubby and I have been trying for 10mos. We finally bought the CBE monitor (second month using it) so we're hoping it happened this time! I don't really have any symptoms except for sore bbs and mild cramping/"twinging" here and there (but wondering if it is AF coming). I don't want to take another test to be disappointed. I guess I will wait until I (hopefully) miss my period! Good Luck to all of you!!! I hope this is OUR month!!!


Mega - November 7

Hi! My AF is due anywhere from today to Wednesday, I'd say. My RE said I should expect AF 14 days after my IUI, which is today. But the Clomid usually gives me a 16 day LP, so that's why I'm thinking Wednesday at the latest. I did break down & take a HPT Sat. but I'm thinking it was a little early. Plus it was probably defective (or I did it "wrong"), b/c it took an hour for just the control line to show up. So I think I'll just wait these next couple days out. My nipples have been more sore than usual, & I've been a little twingey but not really crampy. DH & I have been trying 14 mos., this was our first IUI. Good luck!!! Wouldn't it be great if this became the all BFP thread!!!


littlenenita - November 7

Hi girls! Well, DH is going away for one night for work. I decided to take a PG test this morning. (I broke down and bought some last night on my way home!!) Well, I am not due for my period til Friday or Saturday this week. I took the Answer PG test this morning, and I got a VERY faint positive! I am so nervous now that when i take one tomorrow again, that it will not show me the same! I also just started using the CBE Monitor this month. Also started temping this past month for the first time. I also had an HSG test done this month and my tubes are clear. Mega, maybe what you wrote about maybe this becoming the All BFP thread rubbed off on me and gave me luck!!!!


kefliwe - November 8

hie ladies well i guess were in the same boat, my dh and i have een ttc since april satrted bc in jan and went off in aprl so since then been trying but nothing been happening !!! im so confused and hate myself @ tyms cz of this. i juss wonder when its going to turn out positive for me , well this mnth am due on the 13-15th but since last week been cramopin slightly and yesterdya nealry fainted cz the pain was unbearable my nipples were sore i cldnt even touch em, but tdy cramping is better and niples still sore
juss thought its still to early for me to feel the signs they started on the 3dr up until tdy , is that normal??? usually i feel pain 3 or 4 days before af im confused help me out


Mega - November 8

Congrats! Littlenenita on the BFP. As they say, a positive is a positive, even a faint +. So keep on testing & watch it get darker. What a great surprise for your DH when he gets back. :) Kefliwe, hmmm., I'd think you were a little early last week for symptoms, but I just don't know. It's certainly possible I'd guess though. Just keep monitoring & be sure to test a little closer to the date. Actually, I wonder if the intense cramping you've experienced could be a cyst? Are you on Clomid or other fertility meds? It may be something worth checking out & maybe they'll give you a pg test there too. Good luck & hang in there. We're all on the same roller coaster here. As for me, I woke up spotting today, but still no full flow. My back is sore, which is indicitive of AF for me, so I'm worried the witch is on her way. Oh well, onto round 2 I guess. Buckets of baby dust to you all. Congrats again littlenenita, keep us posted on your BFP!!!


Mommy _Wanna_Be!! - November 8

My AF is due Nov. 15th, if I do not start by the 18th , I go to the Dr. for a blood pergo test. Man....the 2ww is soooo hard. Everyday I think I am pregnant, but this is my first IUI ( no fertility problems at all, I used a donor) the Dr. said there is no reason it shouldnt have worked but sometimes it does take 2 or 3 times. I want to be excited about it.

Any symptoms I can look for?


KEFLIWE - November 9

mega thnks hun imnt so sure too but am not on any fertillity drug, meant to stat clomid this month, wel tht is if af shows up. today massive sore nipples i dnt know wassup im really confused and dont want to test cz i know im negative ... will juss wait until the end of nov and test , juss wish me luck ladies i really need a baby( boy) to be specific


littlenenita - November 9

Hello everyone, thanks for the kind words. I took 4 tests since Monday (yes I am obsessed, but aren't we all???) and they have all been faint positives 9i am not due for AF until Friday or Saturday so I am hopin gwhen I test this weekend the line is much darker! I have 2 kinds that I have been using - First Response and Answer Early test. They both show the faint line. But the Answer one is a little darker than the First Response one. My parents are coming over this weekend and all of my brothers, DH and I are cooking dinner for them for my mom's b-day. This was already planned a month ago. I do not want to tell anyone, including my family, untilI go to the Dr's on December 14th. I would be about 8 weeks then. My Dr said they like to see you for the first time (assuming everything was done naturally and there were no problems) between the 8th and 10th week. So of course I got it as close to the 8 week mark as possible. Then, assuming all is well, we will tell everyone around Christmas! I am just hoping that everythign goes smoothly! I know that it is WAAAAAAY early into everything.
Good luck to you all!!! And please keep your fingers crossed for me that everything goes ok for me. And I will hope and prey for all of you!!! Oh-- I wanted to tell you all, I had really funny cramps from about 4 DPO to 6 DPO and then they went away. My boobs hurt (and still do) but they always do before AF so that didn't clue me in at all. I felt sick on Friday the 4th, but then i was fine half way through the day. I was out with friends Saturday night, but decided not to drink (which is very unlike me--think it was my body telling me not to drink???). Then i tested on Monday and got my first positive! I just wanted to share my early symptoms.


Mega - November 9

Well, kefliwe, based on what littlenenita said about her odd cramps 4 to 6 DPO & then getting the BFP, it could be a good sign for you too. I hope so. Again, you might want to test a couple of times if it's -, because it might be too early yet to register +. But keep us posted. Lots of babydust. And good luck to you too littlenenita! I hope you have a very healthy & happy 9 months. I think waiting til Christmas to tell your family is a great idea. What a wonderful gift! I'm hoping my next cycle is successful & I have similar news to share with my family for Christmas too!


Kefliwe - November 10

thnx ladies ok yesterday was pretty badd had sought of pain on the back but it wsnt af pain i dnt know what it was but i cldnt sit properly up until around 6 in the eveing . tdy i feel good no pain no nothing , i dnt about my afternoon cz i usually feel sick in the afternoon, ok well imma test beggining of dec if af dsnt shw up , my nipples are a bit better but still lil pain , the funny thing is i dnt seem to notice any change thts why im saying im negative , i hope next week goes well for me , lots of b/dust to yall ladies


me - November 10

I am due around the 15th as well. I feel like my boobs are jist bigger and feel bloated in my lower stomach. Could just be PMS signs. I don't have anything that I can pinpoint to make me think I am pregnant. I wish I had signs like some fo you guys. My cousin had zero signs when she was pregnant, so maybe I am not supposed to get them. Or maybe I am just totally overthinking this whole thing and should just wait until I get my freaking period :) dammit.


Anna - November 11

Hi girls! I hope I'm not intruding! I'm not in 2ww, but already PG. I'm being trying to be ignorant by saying that either. I just thought I could let you girls know what I felt when I got PG and maybe that would give you some encouragement! I got my normal PMS s/s about 8 dpo-bloating, feeling like af was going to start, strong mild cramps. I kept feeling like my af was going to start and I kept going to the bathroom waiting for the flow to begin, but nothing. The cramping continued and were very strong, mild cramps for at least a week, then they came and went, then eventually peetered off about a month or so into pregnancy. The day I was due for af, I noticed that my nipples were standing out like crazy(porn star nipples as another woman put it-literally). My nipples didn't start to get tender until another week or so after that, but I know everyone is different. That is about all the s/s I got up until the lovely(but mild-thank goodness)morning sickness started kicking in. Really, early pregnancy s/s mimic PMS s/s-so it's hard to decipher what is what. But I wish all of you the best of luck and my prayers are with you for a bfp very soon! littlenenita, did you ever test again and how did it come out? I hope you got more bfps! **baby dust**



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