AF, DH, APF, BBT, TTC... What do they mean?
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Chi-Girl - October 8

Because I am somewhat new to this and others are BRAND new, will someone do us a favor by explaining what the following letters stand for (there are some others that I've left out... please add). Thank you!


J.D. - October 8

af-aunt flo,dh-darling husband,ttc-trying to conceive,bbt-basal body temp,bfp-big fat positive,bf-,big fat negative?some i still don't know,but i hope this much helps ;-)


Chi-Girl - October 8

Thanks J.D., because sometimes I think I'm reading Spanish (lol), and I KNOW that there has to be others feeling the same way but haven't said anything... I couldn't help it. THANK YOU!


hoping - October 8

bf =boyfriend, dd and ds=dear daughter/son...i found all the acronyms on a website...opk=ovulation predictor kit, hpt=home pregnancy test, 2ww=two week wait (after ovulation "o"). there are more and you'll usually figure them out as you go...after you've seen them several times! :)



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