AF came i'm SAD
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gi23 - October 7

Okay.. this is month 9 and still no BFP i got an hsg done this month i though it woudl be my af came today on day 33,,, anyone else get AF today?


Justine - October 7

My af came 5 days late this cycle which nearly killed me as I'd got my hopes up so much that I was going to get a bfp. I'm so sorry af came for you, I understand that you feel sad as this is my 8 month ttc and I'm almost afraid to begin the 2ww because I'll know how bad I'll feel if she shows up again. On a more positive note, I felt better once I'd got the first day of af over and just started to plan what I could do for the next cycle other than just use opks. Good luck for the next cycle and tons of baby dust coming your way.


LF75 - October 7

AF is due tommorow for me, she's definitly on her way cramps already this was my 10th month ttc since last m/c I had my hopes up,but no luck this month! I guess all we can do is stay positive and think about next month! Baby dust coming your way!!


dawnie - October 7

yeah af came for me today to. been trying for 11 months now gets really depressing.


me - October 7

I hear ya ladies. At least you guys are ovulating. I started temping four months ago an dnada. No rise, no thermal shift, no positive OPKs, nothing. to the RE I go. I have my first appt this Monday. We WILL get pregnant though! Mark my words! I am taking charge of my fertility! WHOO HOO!'s getting late :) Good luck!


GI23 - October 7

thanks guys.. you are all very posibtle i thought my HSG woudl have helped me this month.. but i guess NOT!!! :(


Cendy - October 7

gi23, I am sorry to hear AF showed her ugly face. I too had and HSG this month on cd 14. What cd did you have it on. I am on clomid so my O had not taken place. I Oed three days later and notice EWCM that I never get. Did you notive more EWCM? They say that you have about a three month window of inhance fertitliy following the HSG, so do not give up hope. I hoping my AF does not come this month on the 18th. I will let you know if it does. BABY DUST!


gi23 - October 7

hi cendy,

I got the HSG done on day 6.. spet 6th.. af was due on Oct 2 and came on Oct 5th.. i was very upset.. i really thought this was my month.. but oh well...i have been ttc for about 9 months now, or will be month 9. yes i did hear that after HSG your more fertifl, so i hope this is your month.. keep me psoted.. and i'm hopeing for a BFP next for me!


sheena - November 22

keep your head up.I am on month 7 still no baby!


ahava uk - November 23

new to this particular board. ttc *1..late for af, all symptoms BFN :( now wishing my af was here...going to gyne tomorrow, im so miserable: scared of something wrong with me .....anyone chicken out of tests ??



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