AF after IUI
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Solange - December 19

Hello everybody. I got af yesterday, only 8 days after HCG shot and 10 days after second day insemination. This is the 3rd IUI and it happened the same the first two. RE says thats is "normal" but I have doubts. I used Follistim 300 twice a day, antagon, Ovidrel and had 12 follicles: 19, 19, 15, 15 and smaller ones. And I also taking heparin injections 5.000ui daily for genetic mutation. If you had an IUI using similar protocol, please tell me your experience about AF... By the day, I started to feel cramps just 3 days after insemination until AF comes (all 3 IUIs). Thanks for you help. Solange (41 years old - TTC#1 for 3 years and a half)



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