advise on what to ask my doctor TTC
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yumymumy - March 3

i have a boy hes almost 2yrs old. i was on the pill up until july 06. i got a period in august, then again in november, then my last one was on 14th january. im still waiting on my next one, as from now im about 50days and still waiting for the next one. iv roughly counted that theres been 50days between my cycles. it took 2 n half years to concieve my boy and iv been trying since july to concieve again. i know this isnt that long compared to some women BUT im at wits end, i havent gone to the doctor coz i read that it does take time for some women... so now im ready to go to the doctor and get advise and checked up on. i dont want to go there just for the doctor to send me home and tell me to 'wait'. so what can i do and say to them, i havent got a clue were to start. iv been tracking all my cycles and any other abnormal things since july. for example: the time inbetween august and november i had a bloated almost like weight gain sore stomache i thought i was pregnant and i took a test and it came up posative. i got a blood test and it was negative a week later it then followed by a light clotted period lasting 3 days wich is not the norm of my periods. i think it may have been a chemical pregnancy. also since my cycles are long and going over the normal 28 to 45 days does this mean im not ovulating? even tho i eventualy get my period? i really need to know this iv heard if you get a period you have ovulated, but also heard if your skipping periods you might not have ovulated or even getting cysts? im scared and worried about all this as you can tell. i just need to know what to say to my doctor, what checks do i need to see that everything is normal and i am ovulating do i need a ultra sound? cervix check? blood test? will they put me on medication? so sorry for a long question i just dont want to get sent home from the doctors and be told to 'wait' i have waited in my own time and now i need something done. thankyou please reply with any info and advise. goodluck to you TTC too


madkins - March 3

dear yummymummy, i can understand the frustration about the irregular periods after stopping bcp. i stopped bcp in september 06, i got a normal period in october then went 42 days the next cycle and then 56 the next cycle and i am currently waiting on the next. I went to the dr. 2 weeks ago and he immediately put me on provera to make me have a period (which i am still waiting on) and then i am supposed to start on clomid to help me ovulate. my best advice is, if you feel something is wrong and they send you home with nothing then find a new dr. i hope my info helps and good luck if you go to the dr. let me know how it goes!!


yumymumy - March 4

i will im making a app. next week.



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