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sharron - September 16

i am 36yrs old have kids already got pregnant within 2 mths of ttc.i now want another baby ,this will be the 5th mth ttc .my question is how long do i keep ttc without seeking doctors help etc am now getting desperste my youngest is 2 and a half i keep thinking its because i am too old to concieve .any replies would be helpful thankyou .or is there anyone in the same boat


Chicks - September 16

Hi Sharron! How's it going? I have heard that women over 35 who are trying to conceive should seek a doctor's advice after 6 months of actively trying. Sorry, I can't say that I'm in the same boat, but I'm 28 and TTC #1 for a year. Good luck to you and baby dust coming your way!


sharron to chicks - September 16

thankyou for replying


RL - September 16

just some words of advice I am 35yrs old and I am prego w/#3 now just be aware if you will be 35yrs and older when you deliver you are concidered "high risk" I was not aware of this until I did get prego and even though I was 34 when I conceived it still does not matter you should talk to your doctor about this before you get prego so you will be aware in advance of what will go on, I tell you it has been scary for me but thank goodness everything seems to be going just fine good luck and sending baby dust your way!!



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