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kaylas mom - September 4

me and dh have been ttc for almost 10 months. we bd almost every day sometimes several times a day. i do not know what to do anymore. i am so ready but i am so tired of getting my hopes up. i would love some advice and support.


kaylas mom - September 4



wannabeamom - September 4

Have you spoken to you doctor yet? Do you know when you are ovulating? Do you chart your BBT? It will help you to know if and when you are ovulating. That is the first step. GL.


Tracy88 - September 4

wannabeamom said it need to know if and when you ovulate. The two best places to start are with ovulation predictor kits and taking your temp every morning. Personally, I don't temp, but I do use the Clearblue Monitor to see when I get an LH surge. Depending how old you are, the doc won't want to treat you until it's been a year. Also try to get in to the see the doc for some preliminary bloodwprk. When I first started on this venture, I made sure I went to a GYN who did infertility testing and workups, because some won't. Good luck!



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