Adhesions, laparocopy and pregnancy ??? HELP
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Cutie - January 22

Hi all! I have just had my laparoscopy done on the 19th of this month. Adhesions were removed as well as a cyst on the ovary... How can I get pregnant faster now? Anyone in the same situation? Anyone gotten pregnant after lap? I am really worried. Please help ladies. I have been ttc for 1.5 years :)


Angie - January 22

Hy, Cutie. I have also done my laparoscopy on the 17th of this month. I have researched a lot about the pregnancy rate after this procedure. The pregnancy rate actually increase up to 50% per cycle. Those people who have done this procedure have much more chance to get pregnant within the first 6 to 12 months. My dr told us that we can start IUI from next cycle. How about you, cutie?


Cutie - January 22

Hi Angie, thank you so much for your answer, May God bless your family with a baby :)
I haven't seen my doctor yet. I need to hear what else he has seen inside, because it was the nurse who told me after surgery that everything went fine and that they have removed the cyst and cleared adhesions. I dont know if my tubes are open...Cant wait to talk to the doctor next week. Also we havent thought about IUI yet. Angie, how old are you? What did they find during lap? How do you feel now? I am still in pain.... a little. Were you prescribed any pills? I am so can probably tell :) Talk to you later. Cutie (I am 21)


Bubblesofjoy65 - January 22

Cutie, I had a lap in 2002, Fell pregnant, went in for my normal check up, I had a miscarriage and didnt even know it, at 13 week, There was no heart beat. I then had to have a D&C since then, we have been ttc off and on. It is possible, Hope all works for you.


Kristie - January 22

In 1998 I had a cyst rupture on my right ovary they done a lap. to go in and remove the cyst. In 2002 I had another lap. and they saw that I had scar tissue so bad it had my ovaries scar tissued to my uterus as well as fibroids so they went in and cut me opened and had to remove my left ovary as well as scar tissue and done a D&C to remove fibroids. So now I have only one ovary. Last year (2004) I had another Lap. done because the pain I was having got worse and what they saw was that my right ovary is scar tissued to my uterus with a cyst on it Fibroids again and my bowels and intestines are scar tissued to my uterus as well. I was going to schedule another surgery this year as soon as I could take some time off work and much to my suprise I got pregnant I am now 24 weeks pregnant with all of these problems. It is a miracle that I am even pregnant. When I have ultrasounds done now you can plainly see my ovary with a cyst is stuck to the bottom of my uterus. It is painful because as the baby grows it mashes my ovary with that cyst. I will be 35years old in Feb. and I have a 14 year old daughter. So I haven't been pregnant in 14 years but have been trying for quite a while.So what I have to say is that I did not get pregnant after the Lap. but I did get preg. with all of the complications you have before the procedure would have been done. I wish you luck and hope my story help you to know that you could get pregnant even with the problems you have. It happened to me. I plan on having the surgery after I have the baby (in May) to clear this up. About a year before I got preg. I was even trying those ovulating sticks and they showed I was ovulating but I never got pregnant. When I did get preg. was when we were not even tring we had more less gave up and was just going to wait until after the surgery. One thing I can tell you was that I was always stressed out with my job and I quite in May 2005 to go into business for myself also we were moving and were moved in our house by June. and by August I was pregnant. Good Luck to all and know that it can happen even with the scar tissue and all....God Bless....Also lots of praying wouldn't hurt either...


Angie - January 22

Hello, Cutie. My dr found and removed a cyst on my lefy ovary as well as adhisions on my right ovary and bladder. We have to do IUI because of the issue my husband has. So it has nothing to do with my situation. I am 28 years old, by the way. Cutie, I am recovering well and getting comfortable. My belly botton is getting very itchy though. You will be very soon. So don't worry too much. I am sure your dr removed all he could, and everything is fine. Oh, yes, my dr prescribed motrin and vicidin. It was very hard for me to sleep well even though I took pain killer. Today, I could sleep 6 hrs straight. It means I am getting much better. Keep in touch but rest!!


Cutie - January 23

Kristie, thank you so much for sharing your story. God bless your family.
Bubblesofjoy65, Good luck to you and lots of baby dust your way !!
Angie, I am felling much better today. I felt so bad yesterday, very week, very nauseated, didnt eat anythign all day and then my husband prepared a light meal and I could say : FED ME :) and then I took my painkiller. My doc prescribed Ibuprofen and percocet. I am so thankful to God that I am feeling much better. The only thing that I am really worried about now is that when I go to the bathroom (to urinate) I am having abdominal pain while urination... Have you had it? I too started itching a little so far. Angie, have they removed that little tape? Angie, I pray about you.


Angie - January 24

I am glad that you are getting better. Yes, you need to eat to take your medications. I ate a lot of crackers and drunk a lot of water last week. When I urinated, I did not felt any pain. I could not strain well at first, but I actually had a bowel movement 3 days after the surgery.... I was bloating so bad. Today, I went to the grocery store, and can do everything normally. I really think you should call your doctor and see what he or she has to say about the pain you feel. By the way, "tape" means BandAid? I changed my BandAids everyday, but my skin began to get irritated so I don't have them on any more. I cannot wait for the follow-up tomorrow. Even though you might feel frustrated because you cannot do things normally on your own, all you need to do is rest and get better.



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