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Wantsababy - February 14

Anyone OUT there ever was told they had ADHESIONS or Scar Tissue on tubes and ovaries but after surgery you got pregnant? I just had surgery (laparoscopy) and doc told me he now knows why I havent been gettiing preggy....I have minor peritubal adhesions that had my tubes kinked but not BLOCKED. Any simularities?


Demi - February 14

I have adhesions but I've not had surgery to remove it. Found out I have extensive adhesions after surgery to remove multiple fibroids a year ago. I've been told the adhesions are pulling my tubes away from ovaries making it difficult for eggs to get inside tubes. I hope your surgery helped and you get pregnant soon.

Babydust to you.


Pinky - February 16

Demi thanks so much! Why not surgery for you hun? How did you find out you had adhesions with out surgery? HSG? they found out about mines through a Laparoscopy and hysteroscopy I guess. He says I am in excellent condition now but still no baby. Oh well I guess I have to be patient. I'm still young Take care and BABYDUST to ya !


Demi - February 17

Pinky - I have read in so many places and docs have told me too that adhesions are likely to come back after surgery and most times more than before. I found out about the adhesions during a laparoscopy to see if my tubes were open. At that time one tube was blocked and although it is now open, dr still feel it's probably not functioning due to the adhesions. How long ago did you remove the adhesions? If the dr said your chances are good, all you need is patience. I'm just waiting for the right time for me and boo to do another IVF. On the other hand I'm hoping miraculously, it happens naturally while we are waiting. Good luck.


Pinky - February 18

Its been since NOV 24th. I called doc Tuesday and he told me the samething (BE PATIENT) I guess thats what I have to do... I'm still young and I have awhile to continue TTC. Thanks demi for the advice.


Chanel - February 22

Well, Yes I have a 3 month old after 2yrs of trying with adhesions.It was severe and finally with the grace of GOD i was preggy after doc told me a 20% chance Success happens to Goal chasers.


Tai - February 26

Yes, in August of 2004 I had sugery for adhensions and a polp. Two months later, I got pregnant. From what my doctor says adhensions seem to come hand and hand with surgery.


ST - February 26

I was diagnosed w/ mild adhesions and tubal blockage via HSG in 10/04..MD gave me 3 months to conceive (HSG opened tubes) before surgery. I found out I was pregnant 1 week before surgery; however, unfortunatley I miscarried last week and I am back on the surgery schedule again..BUT, i am comforted by the fact that I did conceive despite my diagnosis..Good luck to all..I am hoping to fall pregnant before my surgery dust.


Demi - March 7

Chanel - Did you do anything different the month you conceived.

It's good to hear from people that actually got pregnant despite the low probability given by their Dr. I hope I have a success story to tell soon.

Goodluck ST and Wantsababy


Viv - March 15

Had a laparoscopy 7 months ago, Dr. said I had a Staph. Aureaus infection which had spread to the tubes. Don't know how long I had the infection but my tubes are kinked but not blocked. Hope to go for a second surgery to 'straighten' the tubes. I'm really hoping to get preggie before the surgery


Pinkywantsbaby - March 17

Hi Ladies, Thanks for replying to my question!!:) It's great to chat with others with the same simularities. I was lost and now I have found my road to Faith again. Doc told me Friday that 4months is still to early to determine but I should give it 6-12 if nothing still may have to do another Lap to check tubes again. But I wish you all luck and will be praying for us all. Best wishes Pinky :) will Love to chat MORE


christine - October 29

hi pinky, did you get pregnant as yet?
i have a lap in november



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