Acupuncture Question and follicle growth Question.
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Jodie - January 15

Went to the dr. for my mid cycle exam after clomid and my largest egg is 11.5 mm. and there are no other measurable follicles. I go back on Wednesday to see if they grow anymore so I can get my IUI. Will they grow anymore? Also who knows anything about acupuncture and infertility with PCOS? thanks...


Ina - January 15

Jodie, I posted my question Who knows about Profasi? a few days ago. We seem to be going through the same except that I then get injected when my follicle is big enough to be released soon, according to my doctor's judgement, with Profasi. My doctor told me to come in on day 10 of my cycle, then day 12, then day 14. Every time he examines, measures and decides if I must be injected. The first month it was on day 15 that I was injected because day 14 he though the follicle was just a little to go still. On the second month it was on day 12 that I was injected, because they seemed ready. Both months the follicles varied in size, there were small and big ones in both ovaries, but he targeted one follicle and decided to inject based on that one's size. Unfortunately I did not pay too much attention to the sizes that he was measuring, but I did read that a "ripe" follicle should be something like 1 inch in size, I read that somewhere on a website. However, it was reassuring to see how they grow in size every two days. I think the stuff I get injected with overstimulated me, because I have a cyst in one ovary now, but I'm hoping it will be gone when I go in again for this next ovulation in 2/3 weeks. But have a look on the internet, if you spend some time surfing the net searching on a search engine for "follicle size" or ovulation or fertilization, you may just get some info there! Good luck!


sue - January 19

Just stumble accross this website, Jodie, and immediately remembered your question. Have a look here, it is about acupuncture and pregnancy:



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