Acupuncture helps IVF success
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jg - May 4

I was just watching the news and a University medical research unit has announced that trials of using Acupuncture along with IVF has doubled the success of IVF transfers becoming viable pregnancies. They said you only need two sessions of acupuncture, just standard acupuncture that you would normally use for fertility problems, one before the embryo transfer and one after and the success rates of achieving pregnancy doubled. Worth a try I'd say!!


isa - May 4

I tried acupuncture for other reasons a few years ago and my muscles flipped out on me. The accupuncturist said a small percentage of people don't tolerate it and I was one of them. Just a thought that if you are interested in doing it dont let your first one be right before an ivf incase your body flips out and it causes more problems with your ivf since it will stress out your body. I am considering trying it now again (2 months before ivf) rather than right before to see what happens. My clinic does it but when I asked the RE if he recommended it he was like it didnt really matter to him if we did it or not so when I have my ivf orientations tomorrow I am going to ask about it and see what they say.


Ann1 - May 4

I have been doing acupuncture for almost 3 months now. I started when I did my first month of injectibles (on 2nd month now). I think I will have to do ivf to get pg and plan to move on to ivf after this cycle if it doesn't work. My RE recommends acupuncture but says not to take any herbs along with it in case it negatively interacts with the meds. Are you going to do ivf jg?



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