Acupuncture for Infertility
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Considering... - July 20

Any of you gals tried Acupuncture to cure your infertility? I am seriously giving it some thought it as a 95% success rate. The clinic I am looking into even accepts insurance! I would love to hear your thoughts on this! Please share!


D. - July 21

I do acupuncture. I've not gotten pregnant yet but I have a lot of faith in what it can do It's gotten rid of the fibrocystic masses in my breasts and has caused my pms to all but disappear. My cramping is way less and - WARNING!! TMI COMING --- My periods went from clotty and dark purple, almost black, to bright red and no clots. I feel a lot better. And this has been just since January. I'm counting on a bfp soon with her help.


To D - July 21

Thank you so much for sharing! I truly appreciate it. I have an ob/gyn appt next week. This will be by first appt since ttc. I am going to ask him what he thinks about alternative meds/solutions. I also bought a book called the Infertility Cure. It is about chinese meds. I am going to read up here in the next week. Then if doc doesn't give me some good answers, or promising news I am going to try acupunture. I haven't had a period since April, and I am ready to get things going again. I am glad to hear that it has worked out well for you!


D - July 21

The infertility cure is the best book out there for this type of thing. You are going to be bowled over with what she has to say. I love it!


cheri - July 21

i did acupuncture i first started doing it for endometriosis pain then when i found out i had to do ivf i did it to increase my chances my accupuncturist says that 9 out of 10 women have gotten pregnant and the one who didn't, didn't do the whole time of acupuncture, they can increase your chances by almost half well i can happily say i am pregnant 25 weeks with a baby boy


merlee - July 21

I got the "infertility cure" also and love it. I am worried about the cost of accupuncture so I am trying the herbs and accupressure first. I hope it works just as well. Keep us posted.



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