accutane linked to infertility?
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mgn - January 11

did anyone ever hear that taking accutane can make u infertile?


J.D. - January 11

what is accutane for?


mgn - January 11

it is used to treat severe acne.


linds99 - January 11

From what I understand, accutane is a synthetic form of Vitamin A, and Vitamin A intake in excess during pregnancy causes birth defects. But as far as I know, that is only when you take is while trying to conceive. I don't know anyone or any proof exists that is was ever linked to infertility.


mgn - January 11

that is what i was told also. u have to be careful while on it, but once off it you return to your normal state. thanks 4 all ur responses.


Tracy88 - January 11

I always remember doctors saying that if you want to have kids to take it after you have them and not before, even if it is years before. The reason they gave was not really due to infertility, but risk of birth defects. At that time, they were unsure of how long it stayed in the system, etc.....



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