Accupunture and infertility
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Lisa - January 16

We have been trying for a child for 11 years now, and we have just come across a chinese medical centre that does accupunture for infertility. Has anyone had this before, we would love to know the results .


Jodie - January 16

I was wondering the same thing. I posted before but got no answeres.


Leahp - February 3

I had some acupuncture done in Santa Fe NM and the woman that treated me was pregnant at the time and said they have a lot of couples that come in with fertility problems and 50% end up having success after being treated with acupuncture, it's worth a try and a great alternative other than the drugs western medicine uses, I would give it a shot!!!!


Luke - February 8

Hi there. My wife is currently undergoing alternative therapy, which includes accupuncture, color therapy, network (among others). So far we have big improvements in her flushes, mood swings and general health (intercourse is no longer painful), but no ovulation yet. We've been on the program for a little over 6 months now and will stick with it for the time being. We were diagnosed with POF (btw).



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