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tanner789 - May 20

has anyone had success or heard of success rates from this method, i am undergoing next month my 3rd month of ovulation induction meds and my re recommended accupuncture for the stress reducer. i have found a good dr but dont wanna waste my money on something that may be a bunch of lies. the first visit is 130.00 every additional session is 80.00 and there are several sessions? i start the end of this month ill try anything if it works.


Jennacat - May 20

Tanner, I have been doing acupunture for almost a year now. I have had awesome results. It is very relaxing. There have been many times that I've left feeling drugged b/c I was so relaxed. Also my acupunturist has a 99% success rate in helping women get pregnant. Once he found out that we were trying he had me go in 4 days before I ovulated and then 2 days. This is the first month that I had him "work his magic" and of course my body did not cooperate. It ended up being about a week before I ovulated so I'm not sure it helped this month (I'm in my 2ww period right now) but I will definetly do it again. When I first started getting acupunture I went every week but now I go in about 2x a month, but it really depends on how I'm feeling. Now, as far as the price, I personally think that you are paying too much. My sessions are nowhere near what you are paying. I would check out a couple more. Also, find one that really pays attention to your needs and wants you to get the best results. ...and don't be afraid to open up and tell him whats going on with your body and emotionally, as well. I absolutely love my dr. Any chance that you are in the Ft.Worth, TX area? If so, let me know and I'll give you his info. Let meknow how things go for you. Good luck!


Lucky717 - May 20

Acupuncture is wonderful. I was all signed up to do IVF and started Acupuncture 2 months ago. I found out the day before my class that I am pg!!! It's worth the money for all the stress we are under will ttc. DH & I were trying for well over a year and I had to have laproscopic surgery in Jan. to remove endometriosis. Try it. I'll bet you'll like it! It's best to start at the very begining of your cycle because they work on directing the blood flow to your reproductive organs. Best of luck!


Tink - May 21

i did it as well- but only with my IVF cycle. i just couldn't afford it really before that. my grandpa gave us the money for IVF and i used some of it for acupuncture. it was $85 a session and i went at least once a week. it was so relaxing and i think really helped my lining plump up. i didn't think it was a waste of money at all. i only quit it after my BFP due to the cost. they can tailor the program to your cycle and your protocol. they can help calm your uterus after ovulation to help with implantation and help prepare before ovulation etc.



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