Absence of cervical mucus?
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Tara - July 24

Going off of an ovulation calendar, I have checked for cervical mucus and have not had any of the "raw egg-like" discharge. I haven't noticed it in a couple months but I am having regular cycles. Could this mean that I'm not ovulating? My husband and I had a miscarriage and I had to have a D&C in March. We've tried the past couple of months to get pregnant again but with no luck. Any opinions or past experience with this problem?


D. - July 24

It doesn't necessarily mean you're not ovulating. I don't get much of it either, and I ovulate regularly. One thing to keep in mind is how you are looking for it. Many women depend on wiping to tell them whether it's there. But often, CM stays up close to the cervix so you don't actually see it. You can either do kegels to bring it down or you can insert your fingers and swipe around your cervix to gather enough to determine whether or not you actually have any. Also, O can change drastically depending on circumstance, so you may not see it when you expect to see it but it is there. Some of us simply don't produce much of it. In that case you can do a few things to increase it. Baby carrots (fresh), lots of water, Evening primrose oil from around CD3 to ovulation. All of these can help increase your CM. Guaifenessin can be used to think CM that is too thick (It wont' give you more, just thin it). ANd lastly, you can use preseed (it's a sperm friendly lubricant) in place of your own CM. Some women use real eggwhite but it makes some nervous about infections and possibly salmonella. I hope this helps a bit.


michelle - July 28

hi tara, just to let you know , i know what you are going thru. I couldn't tell either, i ended up buying the clear plan ovulation monitor to help track my O days. I figured out with the help of the monitor I was ovulating very late in my cycle. If you are not familiar with the monitor it tells you your medium and peak fertile days. During that time, i started to wear black underwear from the first day i had medium fertility so i could recognize the discharge, it was very faint but i least i knew what to look for. My girlfriend told me about the black underwear trick. It doesn't hurt to try and you get to go shopping for nice undies too.Michelle


Jenn - July 29

Tara, you just described me to the T, except I had my mc in april. Thanks D for the info, it makes me feel a lot better, I hope you are right and my cm has been staying up close to the cervix. I am going to try the suggestions you gave. Thanks ladies for the support while we go through ths together.


Sue - July 30

Michelle, thanks for the black underwear tip. It has played on my mind for a while but it is one of those things I didn't feel comfortable asking anyone. I don't normally get any ewcm either so I was flying blind, but not any more!



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