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Cutie - June 10

Ladies, Look what I found !!! This will be very helpful, especially for people who are new. I always felt dumb asking what some of those abbreviations meant..... :)
Commonly used abbreviations on the Actively Trying
2 week wait (time waiting for period)
Aunt Flo (period)
BFM big fat maybe (negative but still no period)
BFN big fat negative
BFP big fat positive
BBL —be back later
BBFN - Bye bye for now
BBT — basal body temperature
BC — because, or birth control, or before children
BD — baby dance (sex)
BF — breastfeed, or boyfriend
BIL — brother-in-law
BTW — by the way
CD — cycle day
CM — cervical mucus
DD — dear daughter
DF — dear fiancé
DH or DP — dear husband/partner
DPO — days past ovulation
DS — dear son
Dollies – meaning breasts
EDD — estimated due date, or expected date of delivery
EWCM — egg white cervical mucus
FIL — father-in-law
HPT — home pregnancy test
HPTPD – Home pregnancy test police department
HTH — hope this helps
IYKWIM — if you know what I mean
LOL — laughing out loud\lots of love
LP — luteal phase (time between ovulation and period)
MC or M/C — miscarriage
MIL — mother-in-law
ML — maternity leave
MS – morning sickness
O or OV — ovulation
O'd — ovulated
OBB – old bitch bag meaning period
OMG — oh my gosh, or oh my god
OPK — ovulation predictor kit
PG — pregnant, or pregnancy
ROFL — rolling on floor laughing
SA – sperm analysis
SMEP – sperm meets egg plan (also known as Deanna plan
SAHM — stay-at-home mum
SIL — sister-in-law
SS – symptom spotting
TMI – too much information
TTC — trying to conceive
UC – Uncle cramps meaning period pain
Wrigglers - sperm

Other not-so-commonly used abbreviations on the
Actively Trying
AC – angus castus
AI — artificial insemination
BB or BBS — bulletin board
BCPS — birth control pills
BH — Braxton Hicks contractions
BM — breast milk, or bowel movement
BP — blood pressure
BTDT — been there, done that
CF — cervical fluid
CIO — cry it out
CLBB — Contented Little Baby Book by Gina Ford
CVS — chorionic villus sampling
CWIM — see what I mean
DSD — dear stepdaughter
DSS — dear stepson
DW — dear wife
EBF — extended breastfeeding
EBM — expressed breast milk
EPO – evening primrose oil
FF — formula feeding
FT — full time
FTR — for the record
FWIW — for what it's worth
FYI — for your information
HV — health visitor
ICSI — intracytoplasmic sperm injection
IMHO — in my humble opinion
IMO — in my opinion
IRL — in real life
IUI — intrauterine insemination
IVF — in vitro fertilisation
JJ or J/J — just joking
JK or J/K — just kidding
JMHO — just my humble opinion, or just my honest
LD — labour and delivery
M/W — midwife
MS – morning sickness
MYOB — mind your own business
NMS — not my style
NMSAA — not my style at all
NP — no problem
NTS — nuchal translucency scan
OT — off topic
PND — postnatal depression
PROM — premature rupture of membranes
RLT — raspberry leaf tea
SAHD — stay-at-home dad
SAHP — stay-at-home parent
SD — sperm donor
SSA – symptom spotters anonymous
TIA — thanks in advance
UTI — urinary tract infection
VBAC — vaginal birth after caesarean section
WAH — work at home
WOH — work out of the home


nancy - June 10

this is great....


Gina - June 10

Cutie, thank you so much! I was wondering what some of those abbreviations meant, but I didn't want to ask! :)


stacey - June 10

great work, but does anyone know what 2WW is- or something like that I have seen around figured it was something to do with waiting period..(sorry if it was in there and I didn't see it)


kc - June 11

Thanks, perfectly done. you get the gold star for the day.


kc - June 11

Thanks, perfectly done. you get the gold star for today.


Cutie - June 11

Thank you ladies :) Stacey, you know I still havent figgured that out LOL I hope that someone else can help both of us. LOTS OF BABY DUST TO ALL :)


Gina - June 14

Hey guys... 2WW is the first one on the list, just written 2 weeks waiting (time waiting for period).


BUMP - June 16



bump again - June 16

this is very helpful


bump2 - June 18



Bump....bump - June 20

bumping for other to see, because there are always new people who just sit and wonder what language we speak LOL


BB - June 20

thank u soo much i was always wondering wht these abr means...now it will be easy to undersatnad THANK U SOO MUCH :)


BUMP - June 22



CUTIE - June 25

bumping for new ladies :)


very helpful - July 27




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