About wanting twins (for all to read)...
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LauraEssary - March 30

This lady took the words right out of my mouth,lol So very insightful! check out her blog..... (can you tell I am addicted to blogs,lol) alittlepregnant.com/alittlepre


LauraEssary - March 30

well heck since my link didnt work.. google this exact phrase "spent a few weeks comfortably nestled in complacency" ......... ... to find the blog.. Really lovely reading :)


K - March 31

I can relate. We were kind of hoping for twins, so we would never have to see a Dr. again. I finally got pregnant after 4 years of trying and my HCG levels were really high, so we really got our hopes up, but there was just one healthy little girl in there! After she was born, we would sit on the bed at 3:00 a.m. with her wide awake wanting to play saying "Oh my gosh, can you believe we thought 2 of these at the same time was a good idea???!!!" No wonder the RE (who has 4 kids) laughed at us when we said we would be back 3 months after she was born to try again.



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