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Trisha - November 16

I have been TTC for almost 4 years my hubby dont want medical help is there anything I can do to help he has Lazy sperm and only 1 testie. I am just very tired of crying when AF comes every mth I am starting to think maybe is just not for us. BUT I WANT IT SO BAD. I already love a baby thats not even made yet and have for years, My heart is breaking and feel like my soul is dieing. SORRY I am just so afraid that I am not going to have a baby. Is there any Natural help out there????


To: Trisha - November 16

I hate to say this Trisha, but after 4 yrs I think its time to see a doctor that specializes in infertility. Has your husband been tested at all?


Mega - November 16

If your DH isn't willing to get medical help, I doubt he's going to like this suggestion any better, but maybe he can try accupuncture. It's supposed to help blood flow & has been shown to help guys with a variety of different sperm issues. By the way, my dad had 1 testie too (which was more info than I wanted, but mom told me that anyway) & a low sperm count. It took them 10 years to have me, but they did it on their own. So hang in there. I know first hand how tough it is to want something soooo bad & find out it's not as easy to acheive as you'd hoped. I haven't been trying near as long as you, but my DH & I have both male & female issues our selves & it's tough having those BFNs month after month. Another tip for you DH, vitamin E. That helps with sperm issues too. Good luck. I HTH!!!!


~S - November 16

Have him take 1000 mg Vitamin C everyday. It raises sperm count. Good luck!



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