About Ovulation.....
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JamieP - December 23

I dont think I ovulate. I did Clearblue easy fertility monitor, BBT charts, and I have had blood tests done that shows nothing is abnormal. I had a laprascopy surgery, and they said my uterus was sounded to a depth of 7 Cm. Is that a good thing??? I took clomid for a few months, and I even took the highest dosage possible, and It never made me ovulate. Anyone have any suggestions on what I can possibly do to ovulate. My husband is in the Army so I cannot go to a Fertility doc because we are currently in Korea. I would appreciate any feed back. Thanks Hope you all get pregnant, and my prayers are with you. Oh, I have been diagnose with Primary infertility ,and I have Endometriosis. I just thought I would give you that bit of info on me as well.



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