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soimpatient - July 18

Who here LOVES Mega?


soimpatient - July 18

I do, I do!! I read a bunch of these posts and she ALWAYS seems to have the right thing to say and she is always so kind and supportive. I just wanted to let her know how great she is


cw - July 19

i could not agree more!! i cant wait until we are celebrating her BFP!!!! :)


soimpatient - July 19

I think that she definitely deserves one!


Betzy - July 19

YAY MEGA! I feel the same way about her. She is the best and I wish her the best of luck this summer with her ivf!


Mega - July 19

Oh you guys! Man! You've so made my day. :) I'm blushing. Just a little, but still. Thank you so much soimpatient, CW & Betzy, you ladies make it so easy to be supportive of. If that makes sense. Because I love chatting with each of you wonderful, FUNNY ladies, & you've all helped me a zillion times too. Each & everyone of you. Soimpatient, thanks for posting this. When I saw the title I had to check it out! Anyway, I needed the ego boost today. So thank you, thank you very much (in an Elvis impersonation voice). And I'm very much looking forward to the day when we're celebrating all our BFPs. My dream is one day soon we can have a reunion thread of sorts on the first trimester board on another forum here on this site. All the ladies on this board can swap pg stories. One day it'll happen.


soimpatient - July 20

Oh, I really hope so too! And you're welcome;)


Mega - July 20




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