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Friend - May 11

How to keep track my temperature to make sure I am ovulating (producing/releasing an egg)?

I learned that I have to release an egg to meet the sparm of my husband.. But I want to know when am I temping? and How to check it?

Please someone help and advise me kindly.
Thank you so much


slowpoke01 - May 12

you need to buy a bbt thermometer. (basal body thermometer) you can chart on fertility friend.com for free. also temping can not predict ovulation so you need to buy some ovulation tests as well. you should start temping on the first day of your period and everyday after, but the ovulation tests you can start taking them around cycle day 11. cycle days are counted starting with the first day of your period. most women ovulate on cycle day 14-16 some may ovulate earlier and some may ovulate later though depending on how long your cycle is. you should start having intercourse a couple of days before you ovulate until the day after you ovulate but always make sure that you have intercourse the day before ovulation the day of ovulation and the day after whether you do any other days or not. it is important to know that temping can not tell you that you are going to ovulate but it can tell you that you ovulated after you ovulate, this is why you should also use the ovulation tests as well. you should temp first hing in the morning before youever get out of bed or before you move or anything. you can buy a bbt thermometer at any drig store like at wal mart or you can get them off of ebay as well. it is important to use this kind of thermometer as they are more accurate. good luck to you.


tonyaandjoe - May 12

i was told by my dr. that you have sex every other day cause if you do it every day then you depleat the sperm.also the ovulation what if your cycle is 30 days long then when would you start testing for ovulation.


slowpoke01 - May 13

tonya- start testing about day 13 or 14 with a 30 day cycle.


slowpoke01 - May 13

also if your dh is young and there are no sperm issues it is alright to have intercourse everyday is what my RE said.


tonyaandjoe - May 15

my husband and i are both 33 yrs. old.



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