Abortion/Infertility Very Worried!!
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kadens - October 28

I am a 25 year old female who recently got married. My hubby and I want a baby, but I have had 5 abortions and I don't see any thing that can tell me off the back if I will ever be able to have any children. Can some one explain. Can you still ovulate and still see a period if you ar infertal.


Sincere - November 24

Yes you can still have a period and possibly ovulate if you are infertal. There are many different things that can cause infertility. If I were you I wouldn't jump to any conclusions. You and your husband should continue to try to get pregnant and if there is no success you should go to a fertility specialist.


E - November 26

Yes, you can still ovulate and have periods but you may be incapable of carrying a baby due to all of the scar tissue in your uterus. Do not be surprised if you repeatedly miscarry for that reason. Five abortions? Six must be a charm!


Becki - November 29

Okay people can you please help me? I dont remember havin a period in the month of september or october. I havent had my period yet this month November and 2morrow is the last of the month. I want to get an abortion if i am preg. but i dont know what all they will do to me. im only 15 please help me! send emails to [email protected]


ShY - April 12

Any luck getting preg?


Kelly - July 29

yeah u schould have not killed all those babies


Sue Z. - July 29

Kadens- I wouldn't think so sense you've been pregnant so many times. It is probably easy for you to get pregnant. I've never heard of it being a problem. What does your doctor say?


Joe - July 29

Kelly - You are a B****


mandy - August 8

Have you every heard of birth control or not having sex before this??? I don't really think you dersive to have a baby... Abortion is not a method of birth control!!!!


Jill - August 9

Ladies, we are all on here to deal with infertility, which stresses everyone out. Why are we piling guilt on this woman when she's suffering? No matter what she's done in the past, she wants a baby just like the rest of us. Let's try to be more supportive.


..... - August 9

Maybe she had all the chances god was willing to give her. What goes around comes around.


To Kadens - August 9

Although, I don't agree with getting an abortion-I do wish you the best with bringing life into this world. Make sure that you have a complete work up with your doctor to check you for any problems. There may be issues that you are unaware of. Also, if you are ever considering an abortion again, please remember that there are other options, such as adoption. There are many women who cannot have children who would readily adopt the baby. Every child is a gift from God and we should do everything in our power to preserve the life of unborn children. LOL


Amanda - August 16

Hi, Kadens. I had two abortions when I was younger. At age 28 I got pregnant with my daughter who just turned two. It took us two years to concieve her. At first I thought God was punishing me for what I had done. We have been trying to get pregnant again and just found out that my DH has a very low sperm count. You may not be the problem. You both need to be checked out. You would rather know sooner than later. Best of luck.


Chrystal - August 24

This is suppose to be a SUPPORT forum. He who is without sin, shall cast the first stone. None of us are perfect!! Kadens, I've known 2 girls who had 3 abortions and they both actually had twins. You and your husband should visit the doctor.


D. - August 24

I agree with those who are offering you support. Stats do seem to support more difficulty in conceiving if you've had more than two abortions but they DO NOT support that you cannot succuessfully conceive and carry to term . But first you need to find out what the problem is. A talk with a doc and a good physical will do much to get the ball rolling. Good Luck!



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