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lbmarks - September 21

does having an abortion lower your chances of getting pregnant? i had one 3 years ago and now i am trying to get pregnant and no luck, but its only been 3 months. is it too early to worry?


linds99 - September 21

Anytime you have laproscopy done or a past abortion, you are susceptible to residual scar tissue formation, which may interfer with TTC. In my opinion, I would get your gynecologist to perform an intravaginal exam to see if there is nothing in the uterus that is obvious. Nonetheless, 3 months is a short time to try to conceive, but if you know that you have had a procedure in that area in recent years, I wouldn't waste time getting a doctor to "examine" the potential for interference because you could be wasting precious time if there is and you need to get it removed and will require a few weeks/months of downtime from TTC.


diem - September 21

I don't think it does. Abortions these days are done carefully, not like back in the day when they weren't done often. The best thing to do would be to check with your doctor and have them examine you to make sure you are healthy and capable of carrying a pregnancy. I think you'll be just fine. I had a few friends that had abortions and got pregnant no problem.


linds99 - September 21

diem, I indicated that you are susceptible to scar tissue. My sister had an abortion 4 years ago, and guess what she had to have scar tissue removed from the end of her tube and in her uterus. It does happen, I don't mean to be pessimistic, but it does happen, especially if the abortion is done later...not earlier.



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