Abnormal Post-coital test...very worried! Please Help!!!!
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Nadia24 - February 5

Good luck Tracy with your HSG! I hope everything is CLEAR!!!!!!
Chas- can't they put your DH on clomid??? what kind of vitamins is he taking??? Well AF showed her ugly face here too. She came yesterday. My period is sooo regular that it is kinda weird. Well DH has his SA scheduled on Feb 14th. What a wonderful valentines day gift!! LOL. well he has to do it NOW! I'm going crazy over here stressing about it. We need to get some answers then get going on the treatment. Hey I have a question: my DH is taking zoloft (anti-depressant) for 2 years now, do you thin kthat has some side effect in regards to his swimmers?? Thanks ladies!!!! Mwah!


Tracy - February 5

Nadia, sorry about AF. I know how it sucks when she shows up at my door. As far as the Zoloft is concerned, I would either call your doctor or the lab where he is getting his SA done and ask them if it can affect his little guys. It's worth the phone call or two. Well today is cd25 for me. I usually have 28 day cycles, but since starting the clomid it was 31 last month. I expect AF anywhere from Tuesday through Friday. I don't feel PG, so I'm sure I too can chalk this month as history.



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