Abnormal Post-coital test...very worried! Please Help!!!!
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Leilani14 - January 31

Hi Nadia! Don't panic just yet, I know that waiting is hard. In my opinion that is the hardest, there is no quick solution if there is a problem. I've learned that one test doesn't mean much. My DH was diagnosed with low sperm count and low motility and low morph 6 months after we started TTC. At that time it looked like IVF is our only option, it was very hard to accept that, but we learned to live with that. At that time DH started vitamins and as time went by his SA improved, it still wasn't normal, but it opened the door for IUI. Two days before RE appointment I got BFP, natrurally. I know that many won't have our luck, but I want to give you some hope even if you get bad results, there are options, there are solutions, it takes a lot of patience, a lot. To answer clomid question. Well in some cases cause of bad SA can be hormonal imbalance, lack of testosterone. That condition can't be fixed by testosterone injections since that would cause even worse SA and it can shut down the testis. Clomid can boost natural production of testosteron in men and therefore improve SA. My DH didn't have that condition so he was never on clomid.


Tracy - January 31

Chas, I'm sorry, AF sucks, I know! Do me a favor though, and pray WHILE you take a pro-active role in your struggle for a baby. God likes nothing better than someone who takes steps to change their life while also relying on faith in Him. It doesn't help to just sit and wish for something and expect someone else to do the work for you. Do the work, but lean on him as a pillar of strength, that way no time is wasted.


Chas - January 31

Thank you Tracy, you don't know how much those words just meant to me.


Nadia24 - January 31

Leilani14 and Tracy, thanks alot for the positive insights. I do appreciate it dearly. Chas- I'm so sorry the witch showed. I am also expecting AF but not until Friday. I have been temping but didn't get a chance to temp this morning. I hope to God she doesn't show.
I am really frustrated with this whole thing. Now that I think about it, a Postcoital shoudn't be done unless a SA has been done first. That would rule out any unnecessary worrying.


Chas - January 31

yeah, it I had it to do over again, I wouldn't even have had the post-coital done. I think it's a waste of time and doesn't really tell you much. I would have done the SA first if I had any idea dh had issues.


Tracy - January 31

My doctor recommended the SA right away so we didn't waste our money on me if dh was the problem. Keep your chin up!


Chas - February 1

I am hoping for a success story like
Leilani's !! I have faith that it will in fact happen, I just have to be patient. Dh started the vitamins right after the SA, so I think we are going to give it at least a couple of cycles, (or until I get impatient again !!! ) lol Sometimes you just gotta laugh :)


Nadia24 - February 2

yeah I know what you mean. Chas, if you don't mind me asking- how old are you and DH?? How long have you been TTC?


Nadia24 - February 2

Tracy same questions for you, too!!!! =)


Tracy - February 2

I am going to be 36 on Feb. 16 and dh is 32. We have been TTC for about a year and 5 months. We started REALLY trying within the last 5 or 6 months. All tests have come back great so far. I am on my second cycle of clomid, about 7 or 8 dpo; just waiting for AF around the 7th or so. Doctor has me scheduled for my HSG on Feb. 16 if I am not PG. Yes, on my birthday I get to have my fallopian tubes roto-rootered!


Nadia24 - February 2

Tracy- I hope all works out for you. Good Luck with your HSG. Sorry you have to go through that on your B-day. Maybe instead you'll get a BFP before then. Good Luck!


Tracy - February 2

That's what the doctor said. I told him to schedule all the tests he can, since that seems to be when many women find out they are PG.


Chas - February 2

Hi guys, Nadia.. we are both 30. I will be 31 in May. We have been ttc for a year now. REally tryinng the past 5 months.
Tracy, do you know that you have a blockage? or is that just why you are getting the HSG? You said you were on Clomid... so do you ovulate? I forget what clomid does. sorry.. .just wanted to get more info on your situation, so I can keep up with you guys !


Tracy - February 2

The HSG will help determine if I have blockage. I've never had one before. Clomid helps to stimulate follicle production. I do ovulate on my own, periods are very regular, but being 35, the clomid will help to produce more and healthier follicles so that maybe one of them will be fertilized. You know that as we get older, so do our eggs, so the more I produce the greater my chances of a healthy egg being fertilized in that month. For women with a luteal phase defect or PCOS, the clomid helps them to ovulate and do so in a more timely manner.


bump - February 5



Nadia24 - February 5

Good luck Tracy with your HSG! I hope everything is CLEAR!!!!!!
Chas- can't they put your DH on clomid??? what kind of vitamins is he taking??? Well AF showed her ugly face here too. She came yesterday. My period is sooo regular that it is kinda weird. Well DH has his SA scheduled on Feb 14th. What a wonderful valentines day gift!! LOL. well he has to do it NOW! I'm going crazy over here stressing about it. We need to get some answers then get going on the treatment. Hey I have a question: my DH is taking zoloft (anti-depressant) for 2 years now, do you thin kthat has some side effect in regards to his swimmers?? Thanks ladies!!!! Mwah!



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