Abnormal Post-coital test...very worried! Please Help!!!!
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Nadia24 - January 28

Hi. I am 24 and DH is 29. We have been married for a little over 4 years. We have been trying for about 6 cycles to conceive our first child. We waited util I finished college (I graduated 1 year ago). My period is veryyyyy regular (same day every month). I have never taken birth control pills, we always used the "pull-out" method of birth control. I went and seen an infertility specialist this month on Jan. 12. I lied and told him we have been trying for a little over a year (I didn't actually want to wait a year before getting checked out). He said that the first thing he wanted me to do was take my BBT every morning. SO basically, he wanted me to begin charting. I did and I KNOW i ovulate regulary. He then suggested we do a post-coital test since I brought up my concern of having recurring BV (bacterial infection) for the past 1.5 years. I told him that I was afraid that my CM was killing DH's sperm. Well whether that is possible from having BV or not, he suggested the test. On Jan 18 I got a positive surge on my OPK, called them and scheduled an appoinment the following day at 12. The next day we BD'ed at 7:45am and my appointment was a few hours away. I didn't get up for 1 hour, as advised by the RN. I went in and she checked my CM. SHe said it was really good- very stretchy and alot of it. She tested the pH balance and said it was normal. When we looked at the CM under the microscope to see how the spermies were swimming, all we saw was 6 dead sperm. I freaked out and almost started crying. She said that it is normal to see dead sperm but that we should see the same amount of living ones. They weren't moving. She then said "the good ones could possibly be up in your cervix swimming toward the egg". She also went on to say that she has had the same results in women who have ended up falling pregnant the same cycle as the test. I'm really worried. She ordered a Semen analysis for DH which will be donw in about 2 weeks. Could it be that my CM is killing his sperm?? I read somewhere that his own semen could be producing an antibody that kills his sperm. I'm realllly going crazy. The RN said if there is anything wrong with his sperm then he will be sent to a urologist ad probably put on clomid. I'm just worried that all his sperm is dead. I want so bad to be a mom. I hope to God we don't have to do IVF. An IUI is okay but IVF is sooo expensive. ANy input on my situation is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. And BABY DUST to everyone who is TTC.

Cycle 6


Tracy - January 28

Don't freak out until he gets his sperm analysis done. It could very well be that he has an issue with his sperm, but you won't know what you are working with until that gets done. That test is the single most important test to start with. It's good that your post coital test came out well, and most issues are able to be worked with, so stay strong and let us know how his test goes. OK?


Nadia24 - January 29

Tracy- Thanks for the input. I'm just really worried that the SA is going to come out bad. Let's say his sperm is all dead, that can be fixed with meds like clomid or something?? It's just that we waited a while to TTC our first and I was hoping it wouldn't be difficult for us. All it takes is one sperm to fertilize the egg, I just hope my hubby has a least some that are okay. ~NADIA


to Nadia24 - January 29

Don't worry...It is something that could be worked with. An IUI is not that bad, I have had one however seeing as I was taking an injectable drug, the fertilized egg never made it to my uterus. It implanted in my tube and we lost that try. If you are simply adding an IUI to your cycle, you should be okay. It by-passes your CM and deposits the sperm right into your uterus. If timed perfectly, you will feel nothing. Good Luck


Tracy - January 29

The hardest part of this whole process is to accept that it is happening to you. It is a pain in the ass to say the least, but we all understand where you are right now. Medical technology today is fantastic, and if it were even 20 years ago, maybe nothing could have been done, but there are ways to work with just about every issue these days, so try not to stress out even though your patience wears thin. Why couldn't you get an earlier appointment for DH? Two weeks would drive anyone crazy, and to top that off, you don't get the results right away. Can you agt something sooner? Are they the only lab in town?


Tracy - January 29

I meant to say, "get", can you get anything sooner?


Chas - January 29

Nadia, I know exactly how you feel. I went crazy for a few days waiting on my dh's SA. I also had the post coital test, adn was told there were NO sperm present. Imagine how I felt !!! I did cry !
But, dh just ended up having a low sperm count (13 milion) I was just glad to hear he had some ! lol And like you said it only takes "ONE" that's the hope I am holding onto also. You haven't been ttc that long and you are young. I know it seems like forever. We are also trying for our first. We are both 30 and been married 7.5 years. We wanted to wait until we were ready to have kids, and now its alot harder than we both imagined!! But, hang in there and try not to stress too much over it. Baby dust to you !!!


Nadia24 - January 29

Tracy- Well, DH wants to do the exam at home and then take it in to the RE office within 30 minutes. It's best for hime on the weekend to do this. So this weekend is out of the question and next weekend is out of the question since AF will be here (hopefully not!). He is giving his sample using a special condom during intercourse. I have read somewhere that it gives the best results for a SA since he is having regular intercourse with me. WHen I asked the RN what could be done if his spermies aren't good, she said the urologist will probably put him on clomid. I just hope to God that when he does the SA that all his sperm aren't dead!


Nadia24 - January 29

I'm sorry to hear that you're going theough the same thing. What I don't understand is that if the SA showed he, indeed had sperm then why weren't there any sperm during the Postcoital exam?? WHat is your next step??


Chas - January 30

I suppose it could have all came out or they all swam up, that's what the doc said. It was 7.5 hours later and I had went to the bathroom and everything. I don't really know what we will do next. Right now I have just been giving him vitamins to help inhance sperm production. I have never heard of the male being on clomid. I might have to look into that.


Nadia24 - January 30

Chas- The doc told me the same thing...that the good ones were probably up in my cervix already...I thought she was just saying that to calm me down. Apparently sometimes it is true if your doc told you the same. Yes, men can also be put on clomid. I dont know if it is the same exact clomid that females take. Yes- look into it. Did you get AF after your postcoital??


Nadia24 - January 30



Chas - January 30

No, I haven't gotten af yet. It is due any day. most likely 2morrow or the next. I am soo hoping it doesn't show !!! I have sore bbs, that's my only symptom right now. No cramps, maybe that is a good sign :)


Chas - January 30



Tracy - January 31

Keeping my fingers crossed for you guys!!!!!!


Chas - January 31

Thanks Tracy, I need all the help I can get. Af showed her ugly face this morning !!! I am soo upset. I just don't know what to do anymore. Is it really going to happen with him having a low sperm count? or are we going to have to try other things. (iui, ivf) I really hope it doesn't come to that. I want us to be able to conceive a baby on our own. I just hope that if I pray enough it will happen.


Leilani14 - January 31

Hi Nadia! Don't panic just yet, I know that waiting is hard. In my opinion that is the hardest, there is no quick solution if there is a problem. I've learned that one test doesn't mean much. My DH was diagnosed with low sperm count and low motility and low morph 6 months after we started TTC. At that time it looked like IVF is our only option, it was very hard to accept that, but we learned to live with that. At that time DH started vitamins and as time went by his SA improved, it still wasn't normal, but it opened the door for IUI. Two days before RE appointment I got BFP, natrurally. I know that many won't have our luck, but I want to give you some hope even if you get bad results, there are options, there are solutions, it takes a lot of patience, a lot. To answer clomid question. Well in some cases cause of bad SA can be hormonal imbalance, lack of testosterone. That condition can't be fixed by testosterone injections since that would cause even worse SA and it can shut down the testis. Clomid can boost natural production of testosteron in men and therefore improve SA. My DH didn't have that condition so he was never on clomid.



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