abdomen pain after iui
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ana - January 30

Hi, I had an IUI y'day and I experienced severe abdomen pain follwed by fever. The pain lasted for a day. Has anybody experienced this after IUI- pls let me know. I am just hoping it is not infection. is there still a chance of getting pregnant?


ana - January 30

ana, it can be normal to have some pain, but severe pain with a fever sounds like there could be a problem. Has your fever gone away? I would call your dr asap and let her know what is going on. I think you can still be pg just the same as if there was no pain/fever. I hope you feel better and good luck!


Ann - January 30

Oops, ana--accidentally typed your name in the name line!


Nata - January 30

Ana, I had a lot of pain one or two days after my IUI. I tried to handle the pain for a couple of days then I finally called my dr and she suggested me to drink lots of Gatorade and eat high protein meals. It didn't help much so I called her again and she did an u/s. Guess what? I was overstimulated (I had mild OHSS). I suggest you call your dr and let her know about your pain. Maybe you have OHSS or maybe you have something else. Even if you don't have anything, I'm sure you will feel much better if you hear that from the dr. In my case, I didn't get pregnant but I've heard many, many cases of women who had OHSS and got pregnant. Good luck!


Two Moms - January 30

I had severe cramping today after my IUI also. It went away after a few hours. I've had cramping with some IUI's and not with others, but normally goes away after a few hours.


gigi23 - January 30

hi all.. wnated to know your stories wiht IUI, last sat 1/21 was my second IUI, hopefully by ffriday i will get BFP.. you all?


Lilly - February 13

Hi girlls, I'll have my first IUI probably this week.Had clomid days 2-6, an U/S this wednesday and then will see.Dont expecting to much becouse TTC since june and cant think anymore.Everything will be in doctors hands.Will let you know.Good bless you all.


sherry - February 13

yeah i did, and i was crampy all the way through, after the severe pain subsided. i was pregnant, so don't think much of it.



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