A woman's muscle power
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Mia - December 5

I read that when a woman has an orgasm that she "pulls" the sperm inside of her using muscle power. Does this mean that you should have an orgasm after or is it better to try to have one at the same time? Anyone heard this?


Tiffany - December 6

Yes, The only times I have gotten pg. is when I had an O after my husband.


d - December 6

i have heard this as well, and that you are most likely to get pg if you orgasm after your partner.


Elynka - December 6

Thanks you guys. I heard it, but I didn't know how accurate it actually was. I will start trying that. Thanks again.


Lori - December 7

That may be why i am not pregnant yet,i can only O when he gives me oral sex.How can i make this work for me.


Mega - December 7

Lori, I've heard that it definitely helps if a woman orgasms but a lot of women don't orgasm (or like you & me only orgasm during oral sex) and they still can get pregnant. So I don't think it's necessary an issue. But if you're worried, IUI's might help. That might be something to discuss. I'm in the 2 WW after my 2nd IUI, but we do them more for my DH's morphology than anything. Good luck!


To: Anyone - December 7

I have a ques, I usually O after my husband but its after he pulls out (sorry tmi). Should I O when he's inside me or does it matter? Thanks


to: lori - December 7

i dont mean to pry into your sexual life, but have you tried toys?? sometimes if my dh doesn't get me to orgasm i usually use a toy to help me finish. mega~ what is an iui?? to: to anyone as long as your husband's swimmers are inside of you, it shouldn't be a problem. you just have to make sure his sperm stays inside of you.


To: Anyone - December 7

to:Lori- That's the thing, I find when I O after my dh it really starts to leak out even though my pelvis and legs are in th air.


Mega - December 7

To "to: lori"--an IUI is interuterine insemination, aka artificial insemination. It's when they take a sperm sample, in our case my DH's, wash it (so only the good sperm are left) & insert it into my uterus via a cathetar. Sounds worse than it is. It's a little crampy, but not bad. Cheaper than IVF. I paired it with Clomid & a trigger shot to time ovulation. HTH!



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