A site to check out for those who have experienced m/c
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Mega - December 5

Hi. I'm so sorry for those of you who are experiencing a loss now or have anytime in the past. I found a link on another site I lurk on that may give you a way to honor that precious soul. I'm going thru a m/c now myself & I thought this was a wonderful way to honor my angel that never got to live. http://www.innocents.com/ Hang in there. (As always, remove any dashes (-) that may appear in the link).


JB0405 - December 5

HI Mega... How are you feeling these days?


JB0405 - December 5

WOW, Mega, I checked that site out... what a wonderful thing for them to do. I work not too far from that Church! I know this is a rough time for you and I hope that this helps.


Mega - December 5

Wow, JB, that's so cool that you work so close by. Yes, I agree, it's a wonderful service for them to provide. Thanks. Yes, it actually did help me for some reason. I'm waiting for my certificate email though. I'm sure they get bogged down by requests though...How are you doing? I know you've been thru the ringer lately yourself. Hope things are going better for you now. Thanks for replying!


SashaP - December 6

Mega I'm so sorry to hear about your m/c. I know how you feel. I'd been following your progress but apparently missed your post about your m/c. It's a very nice website that you posted. What did you name the baby? We're here if you need to talk..


JB0405 - December 7

Hey Mega, I am doing ok, I guess...I am in the 2ww. Test date is 12/11! VERY nervous time right now esp. since these last few days have always proven to bring upon the oh so unwanted BFN! What have the drs said for you?


Mega - December 7

Sasha, oh thank you! How sweet of you to check in on my progress. It's been awhile since we "talked." The m/c kinda sneaked up on me for some reason. I thought I'd beaten "beta hell" with the doubling #'s but then they got funky again. I haven't had to get a D&C so since I don't know the gender I just chose Angel Baby. I thought at first it was a boy (no sweets cravings, etc) but now I'm leaning towards a girl. I still haven't got my certificate yet though. Did you fill out the page? How are you doing these days?


Mega - December 7

JB--Good luck!!! Hoping this 2WW has a happy ending!!! Well, I'm waiting for the bleeding to stop & beta to go down to 0, which could take awhile said my nurse. No, say it ain't so! ;) Then I'm on a month
long break then I start BCPs for my next IVF fresh cycle. The games will begin again. I think I need a break cycle! Keep me posted on how this cycle goes...


SashaP - December 7

I haven't filled out the certificate yet. It's a debate for me b/c I have had two m/c's and twins the first time so do I do 3 names. I call them my chubby cherubs. Someday I'm going to get a tattoo of 3 cherubs on my back. The first time I thought a boy and a girl. The last time I didn't have a feeling either way. I had a D&C the first time but they said they couldn't tell me the sex of either one b/c it wasn't in the pathology report. I'm doing pretty good now so I'm going to do a IUI this month. Hopefully everything works out. How long have you been bleeding for? I hope your feeling better!!


Mega - December 9

Sasha, maybe you could fill it out 3 times? Or at least twice, one for each pregnancy. Chubby cherubs, aww, and I love the tatto idea. What a lovely tribute. I might go to the sight again & fill it out b/c I still haven't received my .pdf certificate. I really want something tangible out of this. Good luck on the IUI this month. I finished bleeding yesterday so that's good. And my beta went down to 9, so by next beta (next Fri) I should be at 0 again. We're hoping AF comes pretty much on schedule then after that we'll do bcps again for IVF, probably have the retrival & transfer in Feb. I'm glad you're doing better now.



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