a question for those who had LAPAROSCOPY.
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patrizia - May 25

HI- i had laparscopy on march 30 . my first af after LAP was on april 22. now it is may 25 and still no AF. i did take a hpt on may 22 but is was BFN. my question is is AF always a bit off for a few months afer laparscopy or should i test again ?


Sweetpea - May 25

I had 30 days between periods for a long time, since my lap I had one 35 days apart and the last one was 37! I'm hoping it will return to normal. Before the Lap I asked the doctor and he said it shouldn't affect AF, so I really don't know. I need answers too.


Mega - May 25

I had the lap in Feb., and I don't recall my AF getting any longer. Of course I've been on Clomid or Repronex since the next cyle b/c I have PCOS.. But Patrizia How many DPO are you now? I'd suggest maybe waiting another day or so & retesting. If AF is still a no show early next week maybe call your dr for a beta. Good luck! I hope you get your BFP soon. They say you're more fertile the few months after a lap. Keep us posted. Sweetpea, that's odd that your cycle keeps getting longer. Have you told your dr yet that your cycles are getting longer now? Maybe he should run a few tests. It's probably nothing, but it's always better to get checked out. Are you charting BBT or doing OPKs now to make sure you're Oing? Good luck!


Sweetpea - May 26

I think I'll call my doctor Monday.



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