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Audrey - June 30

I read in one of the posts on here that chances are if your cycles are longer than 35 days then you are not ovulating. Can anyone substantiate that? It has me concerned due to the fact that every month my cycle keeps getting longer... after I got off the pill 6 months ago it has gone from 28 days to 30, to 34, to 40, to 44.... 44 has been my longest. Could this mean I am not ovulating? Thanks!


MelissaS - June 30

That is not true. Just chart your temps and you will be able to tell for sure. You normally O 16 days prior to your next af. Check out www.webwomb.com and they'll explain how to chart.


Kelly - June 30

Audrey - my cycles sometimes were up to 45 days too. I thought the same thing when I brought my charts into the Dr. b/c my temps didn't indicate I ovulated either, but after seeing my RE and taking more tests I know I am it's just that I needed Clomid to get my cycles on track b/c I wasn't ovulating until days 20-30


Erica - July 1

I have the same problem. My cycle is typically 43-44 days long and can sometimes be up to 58 days long. I have been keeping track of BBT, charting CM, and taking OPK immediately after noticing EWM. All signs show that I am O. The OPK usually shows up positive on about day 30 of my cycle and BBTs also are elevated following O. I haven't seen a doctor yet since I have only been seriously TTC for about 3 months, but I might need to do the whole Clomid thing to get regulated too. Good luck to you!


Kelly - July 1

I have had test done to show that I wasn't ovulating. But I was not getting a period at all. I would think if you are getting a period, you are ovulating, just not on a normal 28 day cycle. I wasn't having a period or anything. The doctor had to put me on a progesterone to start af and now I am on clomid so hopefully I will o and get pg. Good luck and baby dust!



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