a newbie need some help
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deth01 - January 12

hi! moms im a newbie here i dont where to start? well im 23 and we're trying to have a baby since mid of last year I already quit my night job to lessen the stress but still no result ? Your comments and advice is highly appreciated.


Dee - January 12

hi! i'm 22 and have been trying to get pregnant for 2 years and 2 months. well you're already doing good by trying to have less stress. have you started charting your basal body temperatures? have you used ovulation predictor kits? these are both great tools for trying to get pregnant. also you should read "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" because it tells you a lot of information on these. also, you should take prenatals to give your body a head start on preparing for a baby, if you haven't started taking them already. i hope this helps you...good luck. also i'm on the **venting frustrations 3** board if you want to come in and talk sometime...it's just 3 of us on there, but everyone's a great support team. *~*Baby dust*~*


dea - January 12

Hi DETH01 and welcome!! Have you tried and fertility testing?? That can give you a lot of info too. I have the same questions that DEE has... What's your story?? Welcome!



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