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mother2Bsoon - January 31

Ladies, while I was at choir rehearsal last night, we learned a song that immediately made me think of each of you and I began to pray for each of you and your situation. All the ups and downs, struggles we've gone through to conceive a child...God's Best Blessing. All though it has not always been easy, we keep going on. I believe that God will indeed bless us all for HOLDING ON. So, below are the words to the song. May it bless your spirit and your hearts throughout this journey. Many Blessings and BFP!!!


I feel a breakthrough coming your way. It’s a mighty move of God, gonna change your day. With signs and wonders, miracles to perform. God is gonna bless you for just holding on.

Just hold on, change is coming. Feel it in the air, it’s in the atmosphere. Just hold on, change is coming. A move of God is on the way.

You’ve been expecting a change in your life. Looking for your midnight to turn to sunshine. Now its gonna happen, you wait and see. All things are possible to them that believe.


mother2Bsoon - January 31

bump - I just want to make sure everyone has a chance to read and respond...


SaintRose83 - January 31

That was very nice of you to post that... Thank you!


caribangell - January 31

thank you m2bs, God bless you for those encouraging words.


pdodero - February 1

Thanks I really needed to hear something positive and encouraging right now may God bless you with all the desires of you heart


dani3 - February 4

Thank you for posting those words.......so powerful & encouraging! God Bless


Lucky717 - February 5

Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for posting this!! Baby Dust to you 2!!


mother2Bsoon - February 5

I am tremendously blessed that all of my fellow ttcers find this posting to be a source of encouragement! Believing God's best for each of you!


star_4_baby - February 6

mothre2-believe me you made my days ..i am very stressed from pass two days for many reasons....this feels good..thanks



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