A little hope for you all
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Melissa30 - December 14

On June 8, 2002 (my wedding night) I threw away my last pack of birth control pills. I thought i would get pregnant right away (after all that's what happened with my first husband and my first two children). The months came and went but still no baby. I cried so many times and I felt like such a failure. Finally one month (about 1yr later) I just said enoughcrying, I couldn't let it tear me apart anymore. My husband's grandmother died on July 4th and on August 30 I tested positive. Our little Jacob Micheal is due April 28, 2007. When the time is right I believe everyone will get what is meant for them. Just don't ever give up hope completely but don't let it tear you apart either.


Melissa30 - December 14

By the way we firmly believe that the death of his grandmother and my pregnancy go hand in hand. I just hope there doesn't have to be a death for any of you to get pregnant.



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