a little confused!
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amelia - October 6

My dr. has recommended having intercourse every second day not every day during most fertile period of cycle. Can anyone tell me, if my husband hasn't got a low sperm count, if having intercourse every day lowers our chances of falling pregnant and what the life span of sperm is if we have intercourse every second day?


Toni - October 6

I was under the impression that if you dh has normal counts then you can do it everyday. But you will have higher counts every other day. But it should not be enough of a difference to matter if you do it everyday.


me - October 7

your dr said to have sex every other day becuase it gives your hubby a chance to build up some sperm count. if your hubby is fine, doing it every other day decreases the chance very minimally, like 1-2%. Not a biggie. Plus not all the sperm get in there at once anyway, so every other day will be fine. good luck!


My answer - October 7

Hi there, when we were ttc, we were told every other / every third day because it gives the sperm a chance to build back up. If you are doing it everyday, there are less sperm each time.



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