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val - January 18

I want to start off by saying Thank you to all of you ladies who have given me advice, answered my questions and concerns and most of all-understood me. My DH and I have been tttc for 14mos. Finally, last Tuesday, it was confirmed by my doctor that I am finally pregnant. I would like to share my experience with anyone who might be going through the same thing that I did. After six months of ttc, my husband had a semen analysis and it came back low motility, and low sperm count. I had numerous hormone level tests done at that point, which all came back normal. I made my husband switch to boxer shorts and take a ton of vitamins that contained alot of vitamin C, selenium, & zinc and even Fertility blend for men. I read that these things could increase a sperm count. So he would choke down all of these pills every morning until I switched doctors and she said that she didn't feel that those would be necessary. SO he stopped with those. All this time, I was charting my temps, using OPK tests, checking the position of my cervix, taking prenatal vitamins, and obsessing, I even bought preseed. My doctor said that maybe we were missing our window. Of course, baby sex isn't all that exciting when your trying so hard. So just before Thanksgiving I had more tests done. I was tested for STD's, progesterone level, and some kind of other disease. Again, my husband had another semen analysis. All of my tests came back fine. My husbands was still on the low side when it came to motility, morphology. But his sperm count was fine. I was waiting for my period to come so I could schedule an HSG test, but obviously I didn't have to. So my husband was referred to a Urologist and there wasn't anything that he could do for us. His opinion was that he didn't see any reason that we shouldn't be able to conceive. So at that last visit, my doctor recommended me to stop charting, stop using OPK tests and just to start having sex on day 10 of my cycle and continue every other day for a week. After a month of that, I gave up hope. I accepted the fact that we would never have children. Around New years, I came down with the flu and thought that because of that it screwed up my cycle. Around day 32 of my cycle, I still didn't have a period and I'm pretty regular.All of this time, my husband was keeping track of my moods, my timing, and my comments. What a guy heh? So on day 36, we were about to take a walk and we were talking about something that I wanted to do, and he told me "not if your pregnant" and I told him, " I am not pregnant. I think I know my body by now. So to prove it to you, I'll take a test right now." So I did, and when I came back to the bathroom, I had two pink lines! I won't go into detail about my reaction because I'm sure you could imagine it. So I went to the doctor the next day and they confirmed it. So now I am about 6 weeks. My whole point of this novel is try to give you what may seem like frusturating advice to you, and some hope. I won't say "Just Relax". But try to do what I did. Stop taking your temp, stop with the OPK tests, get involved with something to take your mind off of it. Try dressing a little sexy when it comes to BD. And just count 10 days into your cycle and then continue for a week. Of course, this goes out to the ladies that don't have serious medical conditions that may be prolonging the process. And I do feel for the woman that are in those situations. Good luck to everyone and lots of Baby dust to you all!


Leilani14 - January 18

Hi val! Congratulations, I just posted almost the same story.



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