A/F due this sunday anybody else??
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L - December 19

hi! The hsg was a little uncomfortable, but overall not too bad. It was nice seeing the results immediately. Everything is normal and the dr. said that if there was a block, the liquid removed it. How are you doing kk and kotkot? Anna, what's new? are you still checking??


kotkot - December 20

hey L happy for you!!! as u havnt experianced killing pains i do believe that your tubes are clear and there is nothing wrong with them .. when are u starting your next clomid cycle?? hey be so optimistic cause i fall pregnant right away on the first clomid cycle that followed my hsg .. tell me the next step plan. wish you luck. for me nothings new .. i did the progestrone test on cd22 and the tests arrived yesterday with 8.9ng/ml and iam not so sure that this is a strong indication of ovulation.. but iam not disappointed if so cause this is supposed to be a natural cycle .. i think i will visit the doctor the next week so he can relate to the results and plan for our next step.wish u luck


L - December 20

Kotkot, sorry your numbers were low. I really don't know what they mean. I am not doing clomid anymore because my body stopped responding to it. So I'm going med free until my RE appointment in February. He'll let me know what my next steps will be...Does anyone have any idea what that will be??


kotkot - December 22

ell.. do not give up L there are like trillion ways of ovulation induction... hang on there and waite and see .. as i recall your doctor hasnt used u/s to scann u so how can he judge that u werent responding to clomid??? anyways wish u luck


L - December 31

Thanks for the encouragement kot kot! I actually had ewcm yesterday so bd'd, don't think I can o on my own, but maybe I'm wrong! The symptoms of o are here and I'm on day 19. It would be so cool if I pg before my appointment with the RE! What's new with everyone?


kotkot - December 31

hey L . well i am really happy for you ... i am also off clomid this cycle .. just following my doctor inspiratition that iam ovulating all alone (what a conflict!) anyways , the progestrone test results were fine as the doctor said .. he said that it indicates that ovulation is just happening normally .. anyways , i will be visiting my doctor for an u/s scan this thursday.. i am longing to see what happens then. he said that he doesnt see anything wrong .. and that the only thing he will be prescribing is the hcg shots to control the ovulation date.
i really wish u all the luck ,,, happy new year and may god bless you.


L - January 2

Happy new year to you too! What are hcg shots? I keep hearing about them!


kotkot - January 4

happy new 2006! well the hcg shots are used to release the egg at certain time to get a control over ovulation date. they are given when ur egg reaches a sufficent size after 24-36 hrs of the shot you will ovulate. wish this is helpful


L - January 25

kotkot, are you still here?



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