A/F due this sunday anybody else??
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Deb - November 22

Hey ladies....well today I have getting more heartburn than anything.. I never have this, but Im sure its all in my head. Yesterday my temp was at 98.1 and today it was at 98.5! So Im hoping that it stays that way and I can get a BFP when I come back from Thanksgiving.. but Im not going to get my hopes up at all anymore..evertime I think I am, its a BFN! Keep me posted when you test on Sunday!! Baby dust and have a great thanksgiving!


kk - November 23

Well, could not hold out till this weekend and tested again this morn....kotkot, I also have a very faint second line....have you tested again yet? I hear if there is a second line no matter how faint, then its a ++!!! Cant wait to hear what is happening with you today.....I will test again tomorrow and probably call Dr today.... deb, sound good with the temps up, how many dpo are you now? I am 17 dpo with temps still up above coverline. Good luck to all you ladies!!! Baby dust!


kotkot - November 23

hey kk .. happy for you ! actually i havnt a chance to buy a HPT .. i was overloaded with work today.. hope that the structural designs i did today didnt hold any infertility thoughts(lol) .. yeah i doubt it now with my head loaded with all the fertility thoughts! anyways .. my AF is 4 days late now.. i cant explain the neutral feelings i have i am not even anxiouse to do a blood test .. maybe it is the fair from being disappointed at least am living a new hope day after day with my mense absence! if it keeps up the good work and doesnt arrive by this weekend i think i will do a blood test to have it positive for sure or negative for sure also .. blood tests never lies! kk .. i start suspecting my vision ability.. for the faint line it is still there ! i do not know .. but i prepare myself to the worst and i have took an appointment with a famouse fertility specialist. to start another long journey with another doctor!!! wish u luck.. please keep on touch.


kk - November 24

Just thought I would ya'll know I made into Dr office yesterday and got a positve blood test!! Good luck to all you ladies out there!!


kotkot - November 24

kk.... that's wonderfull! i owe you for the spark of hope i have got now. wish you all the luck girl .. take good care of yourself and be careful now. wwll for me it is the fifth day and nothing yet .. ican do the blood test easilly as i live near one of the best labs in the country.i may do it now so i can get the results by tomorrow.. by the way did you do the HCG concentration test?
wish u allllll theluck !


kotkot - November 24

hey girls.. well i made up my mind and i went to the laboratory to make a blood test. nobode knows except u!! i mean i will keep that from my husband as i am afraid he is getting used to be down . anyways , i have to make myself clear.. this has nothing to do with enthusiasm .. after three rounds of clomid , getting anxiouse is the last thing iam thinking of . i mean this particular cycle iam pretty neutral preparing myself for the worst.. actually the reason for th eblood test is to justify the absnce of my mense in an ovulatory cycle (never happened on a clomid cycle ) i am 5 days late and if the test arrived back negative then i will need a scientific explination from my doctor whay did tha happened . anyways i will keep you posted and i will never give up .


kotkot - November 25

hey girls!!! well would like to inform you what happened , i went to the lab yesterday for a blood test .. BFN :(( i am not that much disappointed , still have no signs of AF and that never happened to me on an ovulatory cycle .. i always get a sharp timed periods . i have been to that forum where a lady got like 6 HPT all BFN and a blood test BFN after 2 months without AF she went for an ultrasound and guess what ! she was pregnant and her blood test then was BFP. that's weird . i am not preparing myself for such scenario .. iam just waitting AF to arrive to start another long waitting cycle !! i will keep u posted and never give up


kk - November 25

well kotkot you need to get to Dr and find out what is going on! Maybe it is still too early yet, my book test was postive but it was a light line so they think I am just not very far along. You just never know. They are checking my HCG levels since my test was so light and I should know Monday....if they are fine than great if they are not where they should be then we will test again next week as they should double each week. Good luck and will keep checking back to see what is going on and let you know how the levels turn out!


kotkot - November 25

jey kk. thanks for replying back...i still have faith , iam not that disappointed .. but the thing that really matters is that this never happens on a clomid cycle .. i do ovulat eand the follicle size was great .. so what is really going on with my baby making machin?? have you ever heared of a false negative blood test??? me never .. but i read some lafies post about BT that were all false .. anyways no high expectations and i will never give up... longing to hear from you soon.


Anna - November 25

kotkot, don't give up hope. I thought a false negative blood test would never happen to me in a million years, but it did! I got PG in July, had a neg, blood test and all neg. HPTs in August(weeks after I got PG), then didn't find out I was PG until September. My hCG level when I got the blood test was 2. Anything above 5 is considered pregnant. Your hCG level can be very low during early pregnancy and HPTs and even blood tets may not pick them up. Don't give up hope! Wait it out. Hey, it isn't over until af rears her ugly head. Good luck and loads of *baby dust* to you!


kk - November 27

kotkot, I have read on some of the other forums about some ladies who got ++ hpts and then neg blood tests, one waited a few weeks and went back and got ++ blood test. Who knows, I think it all just depends on the levels of hcg your body is producing....i gave in and tested again with hpt just to see if the line had gotten darker yet....it was a little darker but still pretty light.....how funny. Anyway, sounds like you are in the right mind with things and not letting it get you down too badly, I know it can be frustrating when you are waiting for something, anything, to happen!!! Keep us informed!!


kotkot - November 28

well kk .. it seems that blood tests were liable this time! at least for me.. i got my period saturday morning (when i was in the middle of a buisiness meeting) and it was such a nice way to start a buisiness morning. anyway.. i will be lying if i pretend not being so disappointed .. even if i have prepared myself to such results ( i got used!!!!) .. the thing that really worries me is that what i am going to do next.. actually i have made up my mind to take abreak this month , i am seeing a new fertility expert this wednesday.. but i will try to delay the appointment as the AF will still be there ,, and i want to him to make a full scan mat=ybe he rediscover what is going wrong with my baby making machine!!
well ladies.. i am passing through those moments when i loose faith of everything .. i am tired trying to support myself and pretending to be strong infront of other people .. i want to make the next step on my life .. and i am really ready for a third party on our little small family. is that alot??? i just cant hold my tears whenever those thoughts run to my mind. i hate the idea that i am facing such unpreventable and uncontrolable thing.. i used to make control of everything on my life .. to make decisions and be responsible for all what is going to happen... every thing was planned untill i start facing the infertility issues.
anyways, i will never give up .. and u ladies plz hang on there and keep me on touch... kk hope the line will get darker and darker (why couldnt we get definite results from the first time????) ... baby dust :::)))


**** - December 2



L - December 2

KotKot and KK, how are you doing girls? Anna, how are things going for you???


kk - December 2

Hi ladies....well, not looking too good for me. My HCG levels are low and dropping...waiting right now for more test results from yesterday to see where I stand. Will let you all know when I find out what is going on. Hope everyone else is doing well!


kotkot - December 4

hey L and kk .. for u L try to read my last postings to find out what happened with me!! this month after getting my AF i decided to take a break and i havnt started clomid .. i have an appointment with a specialist on wednesday .. so i will let you know what happen then. for you KK i know exactly what are u passing through.. why couldnt we get a clear strong positive high HCG levels such as others... i hope everything will be going fine with u. for u L .. let us know what happend on the HSG hope the results arrived ok. keep me posted girls and never give up.



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