A/F due this sunday anybody else??
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kotkot - November 17

well... this is my third round of clomid. my period is due on sunday .. i am afraid even to use the home pregnency test.
anybody else?


Ashy - November 18

My af is due on Sunday also. I couldnt wait until sunday to test so I did it today. BFN!! awww... I just ordered the ClearBlue monitor. So hopefully next af I can start it.


L - November 18

Yup, my af is due on Sunday too!! I'm going to test Saturday, one day before cuz I think if I'm pg that it will show up the day before, do you agree?? When are you going to test kotkot?


kotkot - November 18

hey ashy and L ! thanks for replying. i start having dull pain .. i am not sure if its the period's signs or it is a pregnancy one. to tell you the truth .. i am afraid even to test , the previouse cycles i used to test three or four times and get disappointed every single time , i prefear if i am not pregnant to see my perios flowing there rather than watching a neagtive pregnancy test . wish you luck all . by the way what clomid cycle is this for both of you?


L - November 18

This is my 4th round of clomid. I got pg my first round, but m/c very early. So I'm still trying and I love clomid since it makes me o! kotkot, I'm the same as you, I'd rather wait it not knowing than to get bummed out by a bfn. I'll test next week!! :) baby dust!!


kotkot - November 19

hey L. hope this month will be the one.. anyway i feel that i havnt concieved and that i will get disappointed by tommorow (my due date) .. hope to hear good news from u next week. baby dust


L - November 21

kotkot and others, what is your experience with clomid? I think I didn't o again this month cuz I didn't get af or a bfp. my history of clomid is a couple up from this insert. Any advice what to do when you don't get af or bfp and my dr. already increased my clomid????? I'm so sad and confused about this!


kotkot - November 21

hey L. it seems your period hasnt arrived yet. same as me i am due yesterday but one day late for now. listen carefully.... i have been to clomid 3 rounds now .. clomid helps me regulating my cycle , i alwyas have a 29 days cycle. that means that i do ovulate at CD15 but not concieving.
to make it straighforward, if you are sure (either by ultrasound or by blood test ) that you have ovulated on one cycle and you are pretty sure of the day you have ovulating in then add 14 days to that day .. then it is the day you are supposed to have your AF in. for ex.: i do ultrasound at day 13 , it shows that i have a 20 to 23 mm follicle which means that i will be ovulating soon , by monitorinf myself (pain and white discharge) i have recognised that i ovulated at CD15 which means that after 14 days of that date i will be expecting my period to arrive. now if this is ur case(u are pretty sure u have ovulated at CD 14 or CD 15 or any other date ) and after 14 days from that day ur period hasnt arrived that means for huge percentage that u are pregnant. now.. if u havnt monitored ur ovulation and u are not sure that u have ovulated and ur AF doesnt arrive , that means that u havnt ovulated that month and that the absence of ur AF has nothing to do with pregnancy???? does that make sense to u ? hope so.
now for increasing the dosage.. doctors start usually with 50mg dosage.. they must monitor ur ovulation from the first cycle on 50mg.. if u do ovulate on this particular dose there is no meaning from increasing this dose .. actually increaing the dose that was successful to induce ovulation to higher dose is even worse. so if u were successful ovulating at 50 mg and u are certain that u have ovulated on that u must not increase the dose. now if it fails to induce ovulation there is no point from repeating same dose .. u must increase the dose at the next cycle .
hope that u have got it
plz keep me informed


kotkot - November 21

and by the way L plz do not get confused . same exactly what is happening to me .. i did HPT and it came back negative although i have a regular 29 cycle which means that i am supposed to have my period by yesterday.. but till this moment i havnt had my period yet.on my case ( i am pretty sure i have ovulated) .. that means one thing.. that iam pregnant. but .. it also may be anything else .. like stress or my body is fooling me!
please hang on .. hope that our periods will not arrive.
anything going on new with u ASHY?


kotkot - November 21

sorry... L if u want to talk on alive conversation and still have concerns .. add me to ur yahoo messenger list if u have one .. [email protected]


Deb - November 21

Hey ladies..well I am not due until Monday but I thought this thread is close enough for me to wait with! My story is this.. I have beeb ttc for 13 months now. I was pg in June but it ended with a miscarrage right away. I didnt ovulate until Novemeber-so I am just excited when I noticed it! Anyways.. I am charting my BBT for the first time this month..has anyone charted before? I am 8 DPO and so far my temps have remained above my coverline degree which is 98.0 it is usually between 98.2-98.4 but today it was at 98.1.. I read that there might be a dip in your temp and that its supposed to go back up-than it usually means that you conceived...Im going crazy over here wanting to test already! I read that some ladies have tested at 8-10 DPO and recieved a + so of course last night while grocery shopping, I picked up a FR test..just debating on when I should take it.. Im going out of town for Thanksgiving and I know its just going to drive me crazy wondering or not...any advise would help!! Thanks and baby dust***


L - November 21

Deb, I would test early too. Then if you get the + yeah! And if not, then keep testing each morning. Literally a week ago I thought that I'd rather wait till I miss my period instead of getting a bfn, but why not find out asap!! good luck, keep us posted!


Deb - November 21

L~ Thanks for your boost of confidence!! I think I will test Wednesday morning before I go to the airport..lol hopfully I will get a BFP! But I dont want to get my hopes up at all. Today, I have been getting more cramps and heartburn...Im still confused about this whole dip thing on my BBT Chart? Any idea when I could expect a dip ?


kotkot - November 22

hey ladies.. seem that we are all missing our periods:) that's fun even if it ends up with amystery (the thing that i do hope not to happen) .. anyways .. its tuesday and nothing has arrived yet i did a pregnancy test on saturday and surprise BFN!!!! i got used and yeah if u are wondering i put the test infron of the light once or twice searching for a hope here or there. anyway , i bought another one and i am anxiouse to read another BFN:)))) but hey ladies hang on there i just have read apost from alady telling that she did 23 HPT before getting a strongly positive one and she was pregnant. hope that we will all enjoy the end of this year !!
wish u luck.. by the way i havnt ever did the tempreture charting.. if AF arrives i will start next month then we can share experiance DEB


kk - November 22

Hi ladies, I was due AF on Sat - Nov 19. Still a no show but test BFN on Monday. Trying hard to wait till Sat to test again.... I am on Clomid 50mg, will up to 100mg if AF shows for next cycle. Have been watching this thread to see how things turn out for everyone! Deb, I have been BBT charting as well. From what I understand about the implatation dip, it doesnt always happen for everyone. But there will be a dip in your temps then a rise and then the temps will stay up. Im not sure on how much of a dip it is supposed to be, but I think it would be a pretty big one from peoples charts w/dips that I have looked at. I have had 2 dips in mine and my temps are still up. They say that your temps are not very reliable for predicting pg....mostly for predicting O. However, they say if your temps stay above your coverline for 18 dpo then there is a good chance you are pg. I am at 16 dpo with temps still way above coverline. I have also seen where people have tested 10dpo and gotten ++, but there are also alot of people to test 15dpo or more before they get a ++ so I really just think it all depends on your body and how much hcg it produces. Are you keeping your temps on a chart online? I keep mine on fertilityfriend.com. You can go there and look at peoples charts to compare to your own. Here is my chart you can look at http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/ecaea It sucks, but its really all just a big waiting game!! Good luck to all!!!


kotkot - November 22

hey kk .. same as me ! iam 3 days late with 1 BFN and another one with faint line.. i am not sure about what is happeneing but that doesnt happen at all in a clomid cycle. i have read apost that a woman was imposed to do 23 test before getting a positive one! baby dust to u all..anything going in with u deb!! L..still contacting through e-mails.


Deb - November 22

Hey ladies....well today I have getting more heartburn than anything.. I never have this, but Im sure its all in my head. Yesterday my temp was at 98.1 and today it was at 98.5! So Im hoping that it stays that way and I can get a BFP when I come back from Thanksgiving.. but Im not going to get my hopes up at all anymore..evertime I think I am, its a BFN! Keep me posted when you test on Sunday!! Baby dust and have a great thanksgiving!



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