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steff - June 13

me and my husband have been ttc for 18 months and nothing's happening. I prayed one day after starting my period i was really hoping, and asked god for a baby. I went to bed and had this dream that my husband and i were trying to beome farmers but couldn't plant the seeds because the ground was so covered and when we would clear a space and all kinds of insects and bugs would come out? can u tell me what u think


Drew - June 13

Thats would have been an awful dream to experience. But let me tell ya, your mind can play rotten tricks on you. The night I got my period I was so upset and I had taken a test that morning, obviously neg. But that night I had a dream I got a positive hpt, and at first when I woke up I was so happy. When I remembered I had actually started my period the night before I got so sad. Then the next night I had a dream that we went to the docs and he said positive. I got so down cause I knew I wanted it so bad my mind was fooling me. I know its hard to do, but try to forget that dream. It's all subconcious thoughts comming to life. Keep working on it, and maybe see an infertility doc. And most importantly.... keep praying. I really hope things work out for you.


Jill - June 16

I agree with Drew that it might be your mind playing tricks on you because you want a baby so badly. But I believe in the interpretations of dreams. I would suggest going to your doctor or a fertility clinic to see if everything is okay. I wish you all the luck in the world.


steff - June 17

thanks for your anwsers they really helped



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