a couple of ???'s about conceiving after an ectopic
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starlgyht24 - August 23

I just lost a baby August 13, 2005 to an ectopic pregnancy. This is my first loss I have 2 other children that I had no problem with. The ectopic ruptured and they had to take out my right fallopian tube. I still have both ovaries. They had to perform basically a csection because of all the bleeding I ended up getting 2 blood transfusions. I am wondering how long should I wait to have sex, how long should I wait to try to conceive again, is it possible to get pregnant with 1 tube, how long has it taken other to conceive. I do have to beautiful children from a prior marriage but I would like to share this with my new S/O. I would appreciate any kind word, advice, etc. I just really dont know what to do or expect. This was just a shock to me!! Thanks


Kris - August 23

I'm in your same shoes. Lost my left tube last summer. I lost another baby in May. The Dr's suspected another ectopic, but it was never confirmed. I do have a son. This is what you will expect in the future. As soon as you get a positive pregnancy test, go in to the dr. to get HCG blood draws. They will track you very carefully. With my last pregnancy they HCG numbers were not doubling every 3rd day like they should. We did a methotrexate shot that disolved the pregnancy, altough they never saw it on ultrasound in my tube. They knew for sure with my numbers that the pregnancy with either not viable or another tubal. With only one tube left we did not want to take a chance. It was an awful thing to do to go in and "terminate" a pregnancy. I had a harder time with that one than I did the one that ruptured. I know exactly what you mean by it being a shock. I almost died with mine. It is just incredible pain isn't it? I would rather give birth then go through that! Did you pass out? I would wait at least 6 weeks for sex. That's what we did. We are now trying to conceive again. I just had a dye test done on my remaining tube and everything is perfect, so the Dr. has given us the go ahead. I should be ovulating this week. We'll see!!


starlyght24 - August 23

Thank you Kris for the heads up!! I did not pass out but came really close. When I finally got my vitals taken at the ER my blood pressure was only 87/44. Did they have to cut your stomach open too? I am going to ask my dr about that dye test when I go in Friday. i really want to make sure my left side is ok. Because like you said I do not want to go through this again the physical pain is horrible and emotionally its hard because I know that my body is healing like I have had a baby but I didnt. The worst thing was when I went in 4 days later to get my staples removed the receptionist asked when did you deliver and I said Ummm, I didnt deliver. Before I could say anything else she was like oh I am so sorry. another question for you do you have both of your ovaries still if so do you ovulate every month or is it only every other month. I have both of my ovaries and the Dr said that my right ovary will still produce eggs but I just dont know where the egg goes since the tube isnt there. Anyway I wish you and your s/o good luck!!


Kris - August 23

Sounds like we pretty much went through the same thing. I too had surgery through my abdomin. I was in the hospital for four days. They couldn't get my temperature to go down. Yes, I still have both ovaries. From waht I understand the egg is released from the non-tube side, but it kind of dissolves into the body b/c the tube cannot carry it towards the uterus. Not positive, but that's what I understand happens. So, pretty much, you ovulate every other month from that side. I do not have regular periods b/c I have PCOS, so I can't say for sure, but the good news is I did get pregnant again even though I lost the baby. For some reason once you have an ectopic, you are more likely to have another one. The last time was awful b/c I knew I was pregnant. Just barely and they were tracking my numbers. Everything was going ok for the first week then I started spotting. I knew right away. I could also feel pressure in my right side. I was devastated.


Jenn - August 23

Starlgyht24- had an eptopic pregnancy May 6th - had a csection cut because there was so much internal bleeding they had to get in quick and wanted to try and save the tube (which they did) I have both tubes and had the dye test done on June 17th - clean bill of health. Been ttc since then - doctor thinks my hormone levels are all out of wack right now. Hoping this is my month. Hubby and I are working on it. I should have ovulated over the weekend but just to be sure we are staying at it until next weekend. Won't be confirmed until around Sept. 6th. We shall see. Hang in there. When I was in for the surgery my doctor told "even if we have to take a tube and you have one more good one - you will still get pregnant" so have the dye test done after your first normal period. The test should be performed between 6-10 days after your next period so call and ask your doctor about it now. If the dye test shows no scar tissue in the other tube then I would start trying immediately after that. I'm sorry for what you are going through - it was the worst nightmare I have ever lived. The pain was god awful and the recovery just as bad - hang in there and I wish you all the best and baby dust.


starlyght24 - August 24

Hey Kris see I knew I was pregnant also. I was suppose to get my period Saturday July 23 but nothing came. So I took a pregnancy test and got a faint line positive. My s/o didnt believe it and wanted me to take another one so I told him that I would do it first thing in the morning. Well that one came up negative. I wasnt able to get in to have a blood test until that Tuesday. As I was leaving the dr's I started bleeding a bit and so I thought well here is my period just a bit late. I still decided to call and get my results. The nurse said congratulations and I was shocked. I told her that I was bleeding lightly but it was bright red and she said some bleeding is normal and that if it gets worse go to the ER. Well I went to the ER the next day because it was a bit worse. that er doctor never did an ultrasound but he took a urine test for me and it came up negative. he took a blood test and it was 25.5. So he said this was a threaten miscarriage. He told me that this pregnancy probably wont work out. He said he didnt think it was ectopic but he wont completely rule that out yet. He said to go and get my blood test again in 2 days. So I went friday and my level went up to 47. my doctor said that is a good sign and that I was barely pregnant and thats why my levels were low. He said to come on in again August 1st for another hcg test which was 3 days later. That test was 98.4. By that time I already stopped bleeding. The dr reassured me that everything was ok. But then I ended up in the ER August 13 because my tube burst. It was so crazy to me!! The took my HCG test again and at that time it was 4050. Next time I am definitely requesting an ultrasound because I felt that they could have caught this if at least one of those dr's would have done one. I just knew something was wrong because with my other 2 pregnancies which were successful I never ever bled. The dr's just told me well every pregnancy is different. Next time I am following my own intution!! JENN- Thank you for your story!! I am really hoping to be able to get pregnant again. It is scary to me though at the same time because I am afraid that the same thing might happen and I just dont want to go through this again. I am actually up moving around. Today will be my first day driving after a week and a half. I have to take my son to his open house so that he can meet his Kindergarten teacher. So I am getting better!! thank you both for your stories and advice!!


Kris - August 24

starlyght24-- Yes TRUST YOUR INSTINCT.. I was very persistant this second time around. I insisted over and over again that this was not a normal pregnancy. Once you have one ectopic you know. The spotting is very different. For me it is not like a period, and it is not just spotting. It is very dark, and watery at the same time, There is alot, then suddenly nothing, then back and forth every few days. Was it that way with you? With my first ectopic, I didn't even know I was pregnant. My son was 9 months old and I had just stopped nursing him. I then had my first period after having him which was horrindous. I was going through a full pad and super tampon every hour. I later found out that I was already pregnant. Two weeks later I was spotting again. Just thought my hormones were going crazy b/c I had just stopped nursing, but my mom urged me to go to the DR. I went in the next week. I was shocked when they told me I was pregnant. They did want me to come back in 2 days for another blood draw to make sure everything was OK b/c I was spotting. My HCG's were 11,000 and 13,000!!!!! I had to go in for an ultrasound where the tubal was confirmed. I was devastated. But there was no heartbeat so they tried the Methotrexate shot. This was on a Saturday. The tube ruptured on Sunday. The cool part though was that instead of doing a blood transfusion, they pumped the blood that was loose in my abdomen back into my body!!! When I told that to my sister in law she said "I saw them do that on ER!" This time around I was very persistant. I did not want to loose my other tube. My Dr. was out of town and I had to see one of the other men Dr.'s in the practice. He kept insisting it was not tubal b/c the numbers were doing ok. Then I got to talk to one of the female DR's after one of my tests came back. They were not doubling and were really low for how far along I was (6 weeks). She said it could be just a misscariage. And I told her about the previous ectopic. and I know what they are like. She said "your instinct is worth alot" She ordered the Methotrexate shot and I got it the next day. If you have more questions, just email me at ck_sa[email protected]. It will be easier to chat that way. Good luck



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